23 March, 2015

The Largest Wooden Building In The World

Also at Nara.
World Heritage Site
Largest wooden  building in the whole entire world.
I present Todaiji Temple.

Mr. 45 feet tall Buddha.

Last three photos are of the nara deer park and the gate.

Similarities  with the pyramids...
Did they build the building first or build the huge structure around Mr. Buddha?

This is all 8th century. Before giant cranes and bulldozers.

17 people can fit on his outstretched hand.

My personal favorite. This giant bug looks so modern. He's perched on a pillar to the left of Buddha.

Giants roamed here.

Going through this hole, same size as the nostril of the great Buddha, grants you enlightenment in your next life.

I dared my friend's daughter, who is almost 15, a $20usd to go through. On her school trip three years ago, she fit.

And success this time.

She heard it was for good luck.

Teresa; gift shop for you. I did buy some postcards. 50 yen each (50 cents).

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