12 August, 2016

My Friend In Kyoto Is Having A Sale

Royal Blue Parakeet Tote Bag / Budgie, Budgerigar, Parrot, Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Bird TIGHT 'N' TIDY Tote Bag, Reusable Foldable Shopping Bag

I met my friend in Kyoto via the SewMamaSew Blog.
We have so much in common with her growing up near where I live now. Her family lives in Oregon but she met and married a Japanese dude man over 25 years ago.

She has lived in Tokyo as well as other cities in Japan. She now makes her home in Kyoto which I visited a year ago in March of 2015.

She is in the process of building a house in Kyoto which is seriously different than building a house in Oregon. She blogs about it occasionally - the frustration of wanting a bathroom counter at "high" american standards instead of the lower japanese standard.

We both like to sew. And any other handcraft, for that matter. We love nature. When she travels back to the states to see her family, they make a beeline to camp out at Detroit Lake and make a family reunion of it.

She's having a sale in her etsy store this August of 20% off. Which is a really good deal.

Featuring many items made of Japanese fabrics, she can make you anything. She's that amazing. She usually adds something special to the package and will add Japanese stamps (better variety than in the states) to reflect your interests. I often see airplane stamps on my envelopes.  Packaging is definitely an awesome superpower of hers.

The sale code is AUGUST20. Her store is called CraftyTokyoMama on etsy.

One item she makes is well-made shopping totes - Tight 'n Tidy Totes. I have two and they have lasted quite well. I keep one rolled up in my purse for amazing garage sale luck. Some of the people running sales are so amazed at my tote bag filled with goodies that they start offering me discounts right and left. lol

I notice her store is at 883 sales today. I had a goal of 1000 sales by Christmas last year and reached it in January 2016. I am passing this goal along to her.

Mt. Fuji Notebook, Japanese Fireworks Fabric Notebook Cover, Japan Patchwork Fabric Covered B6 Retro Notebook, Red, White, and Blue Summer

Janine makes and sews Japanese Notebooks, book covers, shopping totes, handbags, etc.
She also knits and crochets.

Hedgehog Fabric, Hedgie Drawing, Sketch, Illustration, Oxford Cloth Cotton Fabric Remnant in Black and White - 50 cm

I bought this adorable hedgehog fabric from her.
She also sells some of the amazing japanese fabrics she finds.

 Here is my garage sale bag I keep rolled up in my purse.
It easily unfolds to a large size tote.
I get the best deals when I use this bag.

Even if you can't make up your mind what to buy, could you show Janine some etsy "Heart" love? Just hover over the heart on each photo in her etsy shop and tap on it. This "hearting" really helps move things up the queue in the etsy algorythms. (thanks!)

CraftyTokyoMama on etsy. Use Coupon code AUGUST20 throughout the month of August to get 20% off your purchase.

I would like to see her get to  1000 sales too.


  1. She makes awesome handicraft! So do you for that matter-you are both my sewing idols!

  2. I will have to check out her etsy shop. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out. I truly appreciate it. It's taken me 8 years to reach 800 sales, so the chance of reaching 1000 in the next few months seems slim, BUT, it is certainly a goal to strive for. I need to get cracking and start using some favorite fabrics I've been saving for something "special". Hubs really doesn't want to have to pay movers to move my fabric stash, LOL.

    1. ...Hubs doesn't need to know how much fabric I have if we ever move....

  4. I love my bag that I recently purchased from Crafty Tokyo Mama! I ordered on a Friday & received the package on Thursday! My nephews were visiting for "farm camp" and collect stamps. They felt so lucky to have stamps from Japan! I also love the stickers and the "extra" thoughtfulness that came with it. Thanks Crafty Tokyo Mama! I am very pleased with my purchase!

    1. Thanks for the testimonial. I love all the extras she includes.


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