29 August, 2016

Pacific City and Cape Meares

 Pacific City beach by Pelican Brewery.

One of the few beaches where cars are allowed.
Lots of people in the water on paddleboards wearing neoprene. It's cold in the ocean. This is not the beach where you might see bikini's in Oregon (Short Sands).

In the valley it was almost 100 degrees. Here, it edged past 80. Much nicer.

 The big vertical hill. If you make it to the top, you can windmill down.

 My sis and mom & dad.

 Looking south at Cape Meares.

 You can easily see the Cape Meares lighthouse. It's less than a quarter-mile walk from the parking area. Too much for my dad and slightly steep coming back.

 Nephews looking at. . . . .being patient.

 Rocks north of Cape Meares lighthouse.

 South again. Slight mist burning off. Gorgeous day at the beach.

 And look what I found.  Do you recall me finding the watercolor below at a garage sale earlier this summer?  Look at that headland above and tell me it's not the same one.
Just painted from the northside,  instead of south - where I was walking.

Looks like the artist (unknown) threw a lighthouse on top for interest. Not quite the Cape Meares lighthouse though.

  I tried to edit the photo to make it easier for you to see.
Very similar.

We finished off our day with lunch at the Tillamook Cheese factory.

The Cheddar Baby Loaf Van.

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  1. I love to going to the coast this time of the year. We are going to Tillamook in two weeks.

  2. Nice to see your family all together at the coast. Do they live nearby? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Everyone lives nearby except for sis in MN.
      This is a fab time of the year to visit the Oregon coast.

  3. WOW about that hill--looks quite steep!

  4. Lovely photos, each and every one, especially that very first one. What an enchanting time you must have had with family at the beach. You always know the particularly fun places!


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