04 December, 2016

Flying Potatoes And Tutorial

Two more gifts finished.

And the extras put into the etsy shop. (Yay! me).

I still need to finish an outstanding purse order from five weeks ago. The fabrics are cut out and interfaced - there's a procrastinating slug inside me about this project. However, the 12 hour days are now scheduled and not merely an emergency. It needs to be finished today.

These microwave potato bags are a must-have if you want restaurant quality baked potatoes in a quarter of the time it takes in the oven.

Dear hubby's last one finally gave up the ghost after three years of continuous use.

It caught fire. Which is alarming. But expected.

Even though I use 100% cotton materials in these bags, this is a known hazard.
These bags produce the moistest, fluffiest baked potatoes. The minimal risk is worth taking instead of using an entire hour to bake potatoes in a traditional oven.

If you want to make your own, I've written you a tutorial at the bottom of the post.

 Look who walked into work the other day? One of Santa's elves!
Is this not the cutest outfit - she even styled her purse with a pompom.
Delicious. (fred meyer stores!)

 Canby's Light Up the Night commenced Friday night with a parade featuring Santa texting? Well, he's not driving...

They formed up the parade right outside my workplace. Since I couldn't get out of my parking lot, I enjoyed the excitement. Small town parades. Big smile

 I found some wine for gifts featuring a biplane from a local vineyard. Be still my heart.

And, finally, my son sent me this photo of his girlfriend's mom's chickies wearing their best outfits sitting on Santa's lap.

Potato Bag Tutorial:

Cut from 100% cotton fabrics;
Try to use cotton thread.

11" x 22" Main fabric

11" x 22" Lining fabric
11" x 22" Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting

Make a quilt sandwich of Lining fabric face down, batting on top, and them place Main fabric face up on top. Quilt as desired.

Trim to a rectangle of 10.5" x 21.5".

Serge(overlock) the short ends. Or, use a tight zigzag. Or, make it more work - fold under twice and stitch.

With Main Fabric face up on table, fold down top serged edge 4". Fold up bottom serged edge 7" (or so). The serged edges will overlap 1 inch.

Baste where overlap is at the side seams. This keeps the top edge even when serging in the next step.

Serge side seams. Or you can use your tight zigzag to finish the edges. Knot off serger tails and trim.

Turn and enjoy:::

Anything polyester has a lower melting point than cotton. Try for 100% cotton.
The bag gets old and breaks down which is why it eventually catches fire.
Do not leave microwave unattended.


Wash potatoes, pat dry. Do not prick with fork. Place up to four potatoes in bag and put in microwave on Baked Potato settings.

Marion asked in the comments how many minutes this takes as she doesn't have a baked potato setting on her microwave? I think it's about 5 or 6 minutes. You might need to experiment - adding 45 seconds until you get the fluffy just right.

Keep potatoes inside bag until meal is ready to stay hot.

These bags make the fluffiest baked potatoes with just the right moistness.


  1. HAHA as soon as I read the first two words of the post topic in my blog reader, I knew it was a post from you :D Cute bags, cute elf, Santa shouldn't be texting (!!), nice label on the wine (quite a find, I think!), and Santa #2 looks adorable with the chickies, heehee! I opened the picture in another tab to see if it got bigger, and it's a huge FANTASTIC picture - the chicks are just so sweet with their Christmas finery :D I think one is a boy and one a girl? Now THAT is a Santa - I think he might even be the one that brought me my Thumbelina dolly almost 50 years ago ... HI SANTA!

  2. Nice tutorial. I must make one of these. Where did I put that potato fabric?
    LOVED the chicken photo. Too adorable!!

  3. I thought you were going to show us how to make a potato cannon! Those look great! I almost always microwave our baked potatoes unless I am making for a group. And at camp we're off grid and have to use the oven. I enjoy how much you love the holidays. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    1. I love Christmas. A lot. Most of my adult working life has been in the pkg transportation biz. I know the Christmas rush.
      It's all about your attitude.
      And Santa.

  4. I've only done jackets in the oven - do the skins go crispy in the microwave? I finally have my machine back so I can sew! Yippee

    1. No. they aren't at restaurants either.
      Just moist and fluffy.

  5. I have never cooked potatoes this way. Love the fabric!

  6. Thanks for the Flying Potatoes Tutorial! How are you surviving the snow? Fun seasonal images! I wonder what the chickens are wanting for Christmas?

    1. In Canbyland, the snow'pocalypse continues. Schools cancelled at 4pm - the night before gor a non-event. Twice.

  7. what a cute and clever idea ! I must try this potato bag - the only problem or question is: how long do they stay in the microwave. I don't have a setting for potatoes. thanks a million


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