28 July, 2013

Sewing A Custom Order

A customer contacted me a few months ago (!) about my snap bags on Etsy. At the time, I was still knee-deep in too much overtime but I kept the option open.

When w-o-r-k let up a bit, I contacted her and she was still interested - in LSU colors (Louisiana Tigers).

Two snap bags.
These measure about 7" x 6". Nice make-up bag size.

Here's a better sense of the Purple and Old Gold. My camera deepened the purple quite a bit.
I spent more on the fabric order than what I will make on this order. Not so much on the LSU color fabrics but on some serious airplane fabrics that hijacked my shopping cart.

So -- custom orders help you buy more fabric - right?

Trimmed in purple gingham and old gold rickrack, these play nicely with the LSU colors without becoming overwhemingly PURPLE.

27 July, 2013

Peanut Butter Cookies -- Gluten & Flour Free

These are all that are left. Easy recipe - you can find all sorts of versions online.

Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup fresh peanut butter (not jif or other 'processed')
1 cup granulated sugar (or be daring and do 1/2 cup each white & brown)
1 Egg
1 tsp Baking Soda, optional
1 tsp Vanilla (mine has no alcohol - Cook's Vanilla), optional

Mix. Small balls on baking sheet.
Criss - cross a fork over tops.
Bake 350' about 8 minutes.
Let cool before lifting them off sheet.

24 July, 2013

Hatfield Marine Science Center

I grew up going to Newport as a child. My parents were school teachers and every summer we would take off on car trips throughout the West. I had two great-aunts in Newport - sisters to my grandma, and we would pay our respects each time we were near.

The Hatfield Marine Science Center played a big part in my childhood as my dad was a science teacher. Nowadays you can choose to go to the flashier (i.e. expensive) Oregon Coast Aquarium made famous by Keiko the whale (of Free Willy claim) who was transported partway by UPS.
Keiko is now gone - I think Iceland or Greenland (google it).
Anyway, the Hatfield center  exists as part of the Oregon State University Research Arm and is still, amazingly, free.

Octo Cam.

Rogue Brewery

Mercer Lake And Bob's Creek

We rented a boat and fished all day in brilliant sunshine.
Catch & release plan as we are staying one more night.

I want a fuscia 'tree'.
I think I need a place at the beach where fuscia's & geranium's thrive.

Mercer Lake Resort

Bob's Creek - just south of Strawberry Mtn.

One of the few places with sunshine. To get to some of the tide pools, you need to cross the creek. Happily, a 'bridge' was available and we carefully balanced our way to the other side.
A powerful wind blows down the mountain ravine dueling with the Pacific winds creating a swirling effect above us. I only lost my hat once.
The tide was coming in so we could not explore very much. Lots of giant 10" sea anemones--further out.
Photo below has some half dollar sized anemones.
Sea anemones are always fun to poke in the center and watch all the waving arms close up.

Bob's Creek Wayside
South of Yachats
More Photos

23 July, 2013

Haceta Head Lighthouse

Good thing it was sunny on Mercer Lake. Waldport never emerged from the white-out beach fog.
There were pockets of sunshine south of Yachats which we took advantage of near Strawberry Mtn. to look at tide pools.

Coastal weather can be blustery or calm, sunny or foggy, always temperate.

We declined to hike up to Haceta Head Lighthouse as it was very foggy and windy.

Mushywear's Shannon managed it a week ago.

Where's Waldport

I had planned to ride the ferry up to see my daughter in Ketchikan this weekend.

--plans change....

My hubby and I went to Waldport instead.
We picked out a b&b to stay online overlooking the Alsea River as it greets the Pacific.
Some wonderful views - hoping to see the resident grey whale pod just past the mouth of the Alsea.
Today we are going to rent a boat and go fishing on Tahkenitch Lake, just south of us.

Last night for dinner, we enjoyed seafood at the Drift Inn in Yachats.
Don't you love the upside down umbrellas and glass pendants?

21 July, 2013

Lookout Mountain Hike

My friend and I hiked up Lookout Mountain, again.
Such a nice, easy hike.

This is the Mother Lode  Mine.

A stunning 360-degree panaramic view awaits you at the top.
Notice those july dogtail widlflowers at the bottom of the photo.

There are several ways to get to the summit.
We circled up from the east of the mine buildings around to the west.
More info on the Mother Lode Mine is here.

Horses earlier in the spring.
Very dry this year. 

Parts of the western trail were very dusty.

Favorite Columbine.
More Wildflowers.

Trail meandering towards the summit amidst stunning sage.

We still don't know what these pods are.
They seem to be attached to the sedum (stonecrop).

Mama & Puppies were bouncing up & around, back & forth, & off-trail all the way up.
By the time we reached the summit, they were knackered.
Bella (mama) in front. Osso (brown) in middle and
Daisydoodle collapsed in the tiny bit of shade.

Scarlett Gilia (Skyrocket)

Puppies, Daisy & Osso

Lilies near the bottom of the trail - near mine buildings on west side.
Summit looking north.

A lovely jumble of widlflowers.

Auger near west trail.

Mushrooms growing from log.

Lovely woodland vista.

Mother Lode Mine Building near west trailhead.

South of the mine buildings, still heading down.

Western Monkshood.

Perry's Larkspur

Towards the summit - all sage and balsam.

Looking west. Three Sisters directly ahead and to the south. Mt. Jefferson to the right (north), Mt. Hood to the far north & Mt. Adams (washington state) even further north. Those dratted blues & greys. Can't make out the snowy mtns. from the camera.

No wildfires.
Although while we were eating lunch, one sprang up near the Warm Springs reservation.

Indian Paintbrush

Mother Lode Mine.
Lookout Mountain - East of Prineville - ochocos.