29 September, 2009

Finding Goldy

I have been searching garage sales for years and I happened upon 'goldy' on Saturday. She was marked $50 but it was already that half-priced time of the afternoon.

I put the luckiness of the find squarely on my friend's gift to me - a tiny dragonfly clutch purse.
I like to take this clutch garage saling as it is small AND Cute. It sometimes opens up conversations to make the sale process 'go well'. It came complete with a zippered main compartment and a 'tissue' pocket on the outside. Inside was a gold dollar coin - for luck.

Inside my cute purse was 23 dollars and the gold coin and the seller accepted.

'Goldy' who is still searching for her identity and a name is 38" in the bust, about 29" on the waist and 39 in the hips. I can pad her a bit to mimic me and then I can fit my personal sewing so much easier.
I am so excited about this find.  It makes me want to sew.

27 September, 2009

Ready for the OSU caper.

One of my goals this year was to manage my garden. Another sub-goal was to plant all of the seeds that have populated my garage storage area. Amazing!  seeds from 2004 will grow! 

What better way to control weeds than to plant pumpkins?

But, what to do with all the pumpkins?

My son attends Oregon State in Corvallis - the Beaver College of ORANGE & BLACK colors.
I plan on loading them (20 +) up in my car in a few days (Oct. 1) and dumping them on his front lawn.

School spirit and all that.

I might write MOMMY LOVES YOU on one of the giant pumpkins.