17 July, 2016

Rope Tricks

 No. 4 Rope Bowl

Omg, I made a sailor's hat!    Is this too cute or what?
These bowls are totally reversible.

I sewed this one in shades of turquoise with just white on the outside. Believe it or not, I ran out of every bit of my tiny supply of off-white thread. White works too.

I was aiming for an ombre effect.

Then I used up the last of my 3/8" wide cord.
I had just under 10 feet of the 7/32" left and added it to the top of the bowl.

This ombre bowl measures about 8 inches across by 3 1/2" high - a medium-small size.
All scraps used up!

In the photo below, you can just see that change of color cord in the last two rows at the top.

I added a knot for the join and to finish the bowl off organically and hand-tacked it in place.

This is No.3 -- A Study in Orange.
This sold within a day of listing it in my Etsy shop.

I thought to add some loops to the outside and it worked quite well. This was in the 3/8" wide cording. I had to go back and re-do several spots that didn't quite catch.

 I actually quite like the heavier 7/32 on the top - it acts as a rim to the bowl.

 Rope tips;

1. I liked the 7/32" wide cotton clothesline to begin with. The 3/8 (6/32) was a tad more fiddly. It was a different brand as well.

2. In my little town, I have four stores that sell cotton clothesline. Varying in price, thickness, and strength. Buying for me and a few 'skeins' for friend in Japan has emptied the town. Yes, I could buy online. For cheaper. But I feel clothesline is one of those staples that if we buy online, we help close another brick & mortar store. {opinionated} I made four bowls out of what I bought. I'll wait until someone re-stocks to have another go at it.

3. A wide zigzag of 4.0 to 4.5 is good for catching both cords as you sew the bowl together. Again, the larger 7/32 cording was a great starter.

4. Your white or off-white thread disappears into the clothesline weave. If you wobble off your join line, go back and have another go at it.

5. I have a Pinterest board to help focus my 'organic' rope sewing.

6. While out researching my town, I was tempted by some turquoise para-cord but -- I don't like the feel of the polyester stuff and I can't imagine having a para-cord bowl sitting on my counter unless a grandchild made it and I had to. Neutral, organic, cotton clothesline gave me the feel I was after.

7. Have fun. Use up some thread spools.

I'll leave you with this.


  1. WOW when you pick up a "new" hobby, you go for broke - and obviously you have a talent for this one, because GOODIES! I wouldn't like the polyester paracord either - not for a project that I was going to handle, anyways. Sturdy, yes, but definitely not as organic or as nice to the touch as lovely cotton cording. It's awesome that you're keeping these construction notes - for your own reference (if your memory is as bad as mine!), and for others to learn from!

    1. Thanks Sandra. I sometimes cannot recall how I did something - food recipe or sewing project and I've learned how to search for my stuff so I can make it again.

  2. Nice! You Should enter One in the fair! I just got back from judging some 4-H entries for our county fair. It is hard to do!

    1. I've got my division and lot # picked out for a rope bowl. Drop off is august 5.

  3. I love the knot to finish! Time to check the shops in the village to see if anyone stocks it!

  4. I would much prefer the cotton rope, too, Kathy. Thanks for documenting the tips for sewing with rope - very handy. I really like the way you finished off with the knot.

  5. I like how you finished your bowl with the knot. Love the look it created. Also, I have to agree about buying from a bricks and mortar store. I try to do the same. I've made these bowls using cotton rope and have to agree about the synthetic rope. It feels all wrong. Love the other bowl you made with the loops on the side too. Such a great idea. I think it's time I made some more of these.

  6. I love !!! Thanks for documenting the tips for sewing with rope


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