31 July, 2016

Biking For Fabric

What can I say?
The gods of garage sales smiled at me once again.

This was the fabric sale advertised in the church parking lot on a Sunday.

 And it did fit into my tiny biking backpack.  Well - my plastic grocery bags hung off the handlebars without getting caught into the spokes....

$19 for almost 7 pounds of fabric. The little old lady was selling fabric by the pound!

$7 was for two Gutermann Toldi serger cones of thread - 2500m in off white. Sewing rope bowls used up all of my little stash of off white and here I find some more - full cones, mind you, both for less than half of what one cone would have cost new.

She had it all laid out neatly, fabrics separated by color and type. Lots of vintage cottons, from small pieces to large pieces.

See that aqua blue 1/2" stripe at front right. Yards and yards. (5?). And on top of that, the aqua and brown possibly Pendleton plaid wool. Also yards and yards.

So the airplane print is not a favorite. Obviously a juvenile home decorator print for a nursery.
There are multiple pieces in various sizes and I will list this one first. I'll keep some of the smaller bits so I can add to my collection.

I will sell the big pieces in my etsy shop and recoup my costs several times over and have loads of thread to make more rope bowls.....

Just a wee bit more than six miles on my bike today! Yay.

 I tried on my new sewing shirt and find it fits on top but is too snug at tummy.

I like the color so I'll need to think of a hack to open the width on this tshirt up a bit. Maybe with some lace. It's too long, so maybe I can cut off the bottom few inches to add them in somewhere else..
.. I'm going to send this project into dreamland for a while. Maybe do some pinning (Pinterest) to gather ideas.


  1. Wow! That sale was definitely worth going to! I went to a garage sale on Saturday, and I did not find a thing. It made we wish that I was garage sale-ing with you! Plus, I love that you found off white thread now that you are making rope bowls!

  2. Good job on the bargains! I look forward to when you can do all this full-time and not have to go in to work at the PO! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a fabulous fabric sale. The fabric gods seem to always be shining on you.

  4. Oh I think I have a pin with an idea for your shirt - I'll send it to you :) Fantastic haul - all the garage sales around here seem to specialize in baby and kid stuff - rarely do I find one that has fabric. I could see myself going crazy and shoving people away if I were to come across a sale like the one you went to, LOL! Not really - I'd share ... but I'd take first pick ;)


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