24 July, 2016

Lemon Sorbet Sunday

I made Lemon Sorbet this morning.

 I've posted about it before here and here.
I think I have the recipe down now. 

I have tried three methods to freeze it and I like the one I used today the best;

When I first made it, I did not own a ice cream churn. So I poured it into a 13 x 9  baking pan and stirred it every 15 minutes in the freezer. Lots of ice crystals.
The second time, I had found an electric  ice cream maker at one of my sales and it churned out a decent sorbet. Still some ice crystals.
I tried that method a couple of times before getting rid of it. Can you say giant box to haul out 1 -2 times a year?

Actually, it's because I read online about the ziploc within a ziploc method. You pour your ice cream mixture inside the smaller ziploc. Place inside the bigger ziploc along with ice cubes. Shake it continuously until ice cream mixture starts to thicken. Then leave in freezer and shake every 15 minutes or so to keep the ice crystals from happening.

I also made a sugar syrup to add to the coconut milk along with plenty of lemon juice from 7 Meyers lemons.
I used a box pack of coconut milk, 7 meyers lemons (zest and juice), the rest of my star anise (pulverised) and 3/4 cup of granulated sugar.

It took much longer than the one hour I originally read online. But, it's got very little ice crystals because of the constant shaking/stirring. Nummies.

I made another rope bowl today. I sold my orange one within a day of listing it on etsy.
However, the USPS decided to "deliver" it to a shared walkway/hallway of apartments in Brooklyn. My customer now has a 'neighbor' who has a very similar bowl. :-(

I made her a replica - or as close as I could. Re-sending it with a signature required. 

These are so fast and so gratifying to make. I am not done with these yet.

Hangar - straight ahead with runway off to the right. Room for table and chairs, swing, potted plants. I also have ten hanging baskets out here. The hummingbirds dive bomb us trying to get to the flowers first.

 I was sitting outside on the patio drinking my coffee this morning, planning my day.
I didn't get everything done but it has been so pleasant in the mornings out here.

We have had a mild summer so far with temps mostly below 80'. This next week, we might get to 90 --- but it is the end of July.

Tonight, once I figure out dinner, I have Lemon Sorbet to look forward to.


  1. OH it's too bad your customer's neighbours "benefitted" from the postal system's delivery practices :( Nice that you could fix her back up - you'll probably want to put signature required on future parcels as well!

  2. That sorbet looks good. And the new bowl is awesome! Good job! Sorry you got stiffed on that first bowl you sold.. grrr. Did she even ASK her neighbors? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Our conversations indicated po drops pkgs in shared hallways. Sadly, I don't believe you have neighbors in Brooklyn.

  3. Lemon sorbet! I will have to try some. Your patio looks very inviting!

  4. The bowls look fab - one is great to look at, the other looks yummy to eat

  5. Lemon sorbet is a favorite of mine-yum! I will have to try your recipe sometime. LOVE your rope bowl-beautiful! Stay cool this weekend:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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