24 April, 2018

Unfinished Projects

 I had some unexpected time off the day job in April and I was able to start multiple projects.
Will I finish them?

UFO's are unfinished objects in the sewing room.

 Except for this one.
My daughter came to visit and brought this dress with her. Somehow she had obtained it for free but it was a tad frumpy with full-length sleeves. She asked me to put pockets in. When my kids ask me to jump, I immediately reply, "How high?"

The dress is a sheer overlay over a base fabric. Both float free of each other in the skirt. Unpicking the side seams of both  to insert a piece of pocket went well. I happened to have a pocket pattern piece out for a dress I'm working on (crap, forgot to add those photos to the laptop).
We drafted it a tad longer to accommodate our penchant for carrying our life in our pockets.

I promptly installed the first pocket upside-down. Did I mention the outer fabric was a sheer and fraying like crazy? Had to un-pick all the seams and re-install correctly.

This dress also had sheer long sleeves that ended in a wide 'cuff' that was elasticized. Very frumpy. So dd chopped them off neatly. Her solution was fine as she will always wear a cardigan in her office. But I was on a roll and offered to finish them with a silk rayon vintage bias binding to make them neat - just in case she were ever to encounter hot sunshine in alaska.

 This is my other project I'm working on. I referred to it in a previous post. It sat in time-out until I could  visit Pencil Girl (DrawnToSewing on IG!!!).

I like the back pleat but the whole shirt was too long for my 5'3" frame. So she helped me figure out the length and tinker with the neckline.

 I am going to utilize the mesh around the neckline.
I originally placed a triangle of mesh at the back neckline but I will make that a more shallow design detail.

 Pencil Girl said this was a bit short (about 5" shorter), I may hem it a little longer. Between Papa Bear long and baby bear short.

 I'm mostly all done with this Sunshine Wristlet, aka, a nice cross-body bag for me. A little large to be called a wristlet, it's the perfect shape for my crap. I'm not a big purse gal.

 This strap is to hold the wristlet in your hand and place your fingers underneath. I have zero intention of doing that but it turned out to be a nice detail.

I still need to make the cross-body strap. I don't have enough cork to make the strap lengthwise with the grain. I have enough to make it the other way - which stretches a bit. I'm figuring out how to stabilize the strap so it doesn't stretch.

I also made another little bag but haven't take photos yet. I'm kind of excited about it. It needs a finishing detail as well.

As you can see, multiple projects just needing one or two more steps to finish.

slip pocket on backside added to drop phone into

I did make a set of greeting cards from my dd's awesome photos. Sunset and Sunrise at Turnagain Arm in Alaska. If you're interested, they are in my RunningWithHandmade Etsy shop.

Four photos - four cards. Blank inside.

I have another week off in May, so I'm sure I'll be sewing like crazy.
We'll see if we make some finishes.

19 April, 2018

Knitting Project Bag

 My blogging buddy in the UK made a zippered pouch utilizing the Pythagorean theorem
With this method the sides stand straight-up-vertical instead of sloping up towards the zipper.

I ended up with a tall zippy pouch with a somewhat narrow opening that would be perfect for a knitting project bag.

This, of course, was never my intention, as I rarely knit.

But it's tall-ish and has plenty of room for that sweater/shawl plus an outside clear vinyl pocket for knitting stuff.

To offset all that tallness. I added a riveted leather strap and to made the proportions work very nicely.

I cannot re-create this.

On the outside I used some awesome fabric from Ikea - yes! Ikea sells fabric.
The lining fabric is a gospel quilting cotton that I bought too much of for a fabric swap.

The two fabrics pounced on the sunny yellow zip because we're all tired of grey, drizzly days.  (or, the infamous minnesota blizzard, if you're over that way).

For some mid-weight structure, I quilted the inside lining. As I was winging it, I free motion quilted after I attached the zipper. this is not a recommended technique.

Finish measurement is about 9" long x 5" wide x 8" tall.
I didn't add enough sub-structure so my sides don't stand up straight and vertical, but they are.

 And, here it is. In my hand.

And, In my etsy shop, RunningWithHandmade

16 April, 2018

Wee Braw Bag

 I might have had a moment a few weeks ago when I purchased three PDF sewing patterns.
God knows I dislike PDF's. Having to print out the pattern myself, tape it together.

I need to sew a dress up for myself and the pattern I liked only came in PDF form.
In a moment of madness, I went with it.

This wee drawstring bag is only five pages of instructions. It's all rectangles so you don't need a pattern piece for this. For the dress - more than 80 pages. Thank goodness it came with a copy shop option for a commercial printer to print it out on the big sheet of paper. That will be another blog post right there.

i was in a mood to sew something new and for once, I didn't have the energy to figure out the dimensions myself.

I took the pattern and ran with it.

It's fairly smallish but will hold a sewing kit. With pockets on the inside as well as the outside, it organizes small items quite well.

I just happened to have that orange and black striped trim in stash (think OSU Beavers possibilities). which jumped on the zebra bandwagon very nicely. The blue fabric is a cotton/poly that coordinated well. The zebras were purchased at the recent SewExpo so that's nice to use one item I bought already.

The picture on the wall is a needlepoint purchased at a garage sale. In fact, I recently found another that is similar. It's isn't framed, so now I'm looking for a similar frame at a garage sale so I can hang the other sewing-themed needlework art.

 WeeBrawBag: A Sewing Pattern by Laura Zuckerkuss   https://payhip.com/b/gmI4

The other two pdf patterns I purchased are The Fringe Dress  and The Augusta Moto Pant

I almost forgot to add dd's newest Study In Blue photos.
Byron Glacier, Alaska.

14 April, 2018

Reusable Gift Bags

 You can't go wrong with a drawstring bag. These are smallish - about 8" wide x 10" tall.
Perfect size for these birthday gifts I picked up at the local Spring In The Country Bazaar.

Some lotion ,some face scrubbies and who doesn't enjoy a good Lemon Drop.
The lotions and face scrubbies were made in my town. The Lemon Drop mix in Oregon.

My friend in Japan sent me the "This Took Me Hours To Make" ribbon which was about right. Haha. Perfect finishing touch.

 While out doing errands yesterday, some plants might have jumped into the car for a ride home. This one is a Primula and will need to stay inside for a bit longer until the night time temps go up. Then it will be part of an awesome patio pot outside.

It's on my kitchen table right now, getting in the way of taking photographs, but making me smile at the lovely lavender colors.

 Do you utilize re-usable gift bags?  I've seen IG posts where making a stash of these is a thing.
I have a stash of decorative paper bags. I don't think I want a stash of fabric bags too.

For the time they take - lined, reversible, I can't see someone shelling out cash for these.

Probably a bit like receiving handmade jam/jelly. If you return the jars, that person will gift you more jam.

11 April, 2018

Sequin Pillows

 When I was up at SewExpo this year, I found some of this sequin-flip fabric and I knew it would make my re-made quilt project shine. Perfect accessory for my son and his girlfriend.

What? You don't know about this sequin-flip fabric? I've been seeing it around in my IG feed and it's super fun to play with. Go ahead, write your stuff. With a flip of your hand, you can erase. The sequins are attached with a bigger circle punch to allow them to flip. This fabric is directional.

Once in my sewing room, I remembered my hobnail bedspread that I had meant to finish making more pillows from and I had even cut them out as 25" squares.

I decided to make them two of these pillows as well.

Well, actually, I was dithering on the sequin flip pillows. Should I do some big-ass piping around the perimeter? Should I piece the back with gingham to match the quilt? (big-ass brain)

Making the hobnail ones first allowed my over-active brain to calm it down and decide on simple zippered pillows.

I had to make the hobnail ones zippered as they are huge at 24". This size fits most modern day pillow cushy couches. I made one plain - hob nail on both sides so I could figure out the zipper (invisible). The second one has fringe and an invisible zipper as well.

The hobnail/chenille ones will be a decorating neutral with the smaller 20" sequin ones as the focus.

 You can see how the sequin ones go with the quilt backing.

For the sequin pillows I sewed the zippers at top. They aren't invisible but they are brown so they merge quite well. The bonus of keeping a large stash. Frankly, I didn't need to make zippered pillows as they aren't washable. You have to dry-clean those sequins. The flannel on the reverse will attract doggy hair. I could have just sewn them shut. But I had found the zippers in stash and I was on a zipper sewing spree.

I also sewed the sequin fabric to some cotton/poly fabric (stash) to help stabilize the slight stretch of the sequin fabric.

I used the rest of my red flannel quilt backing for the pillow backs. I had to piece the backs to get to 20" square. 
I could have made them elongated/rectangular but 20" and 24" pillow forms are much easier to find (and afford) than irregular sizes.

Even though I had these pillow forms in my stash, I plan to take just the covers when I visit in a few weeks. I plan to order the forms through Joann's or Hobby Lobby and have them ship them to the new house. Usually, I can find free shipping as well as a sale on pillow forms.

09 April, 2018

The Quilt Is Done


The Quilt is done.

It took just as long as the first time too.
The first photo is the 2nd quilt, the 2nd photo is the original.

This was my Christmas present to my son and his girlfriend.
A nice sized giant gingham quilt.

I mailed it off and the post office delivered it to a parcel locker at the apartment complex where they live. Who knows who got the parcel locker key? We discovered no keys were given out.

My sis sent a package that was delivered the same day. Also no key.

At first, we were suffering from disbelief. Days turned into weeks with crazy information. Lester the carrier, multiple supervisors/postmasters who would not call back, tampering with lockers, hope.    A package found in one of the lockers addressed to my son from more than two months back (also NO KEY).

We moved on to the online package inquiry debacle. Both my sister and I filled out the forms. The post office officiously declared it "delivered", therefore no insurance money.

Finally, on the same day I finished the binding on the second quilt, I received a check for $50 plus postage from the post office. This was after my third appeal - where I lost it.

 I almost didn't send the third appeal in. I was ready to move on. But then, I realized I was still enraged. I grabbed a piece of paper and let them have it! I may have mentioned NO KEYS!!! multiple times with lots of exclamations.

My sis hasn't seen her $50 yet.
I believe the system is designed to make you give up.

Both packages were sent priority mail which automatically gives you $50 insurance. I didn't insure my package 'cuz how can you put a price on handmade?

 Here's the backside. I mathed up additional yardage plus my three main fabrics didn't shrink as much as the original three flannels. My little gingham thingy turned out great.

One of the other problems I encountered was the fabric store had moved on from wintery flannel colors to springy colors. I persevered and found my wintry palette and then went home and floundered in the "I should have re-made this in a spring gingham" funk.

By the time they receive this, it will be Spring!

 Outside on a random 70' day. My japanese maples are leafing out joyously.

I also sewed up four zippered pillows. They just bought a house where they live and I will be transporting these pillow covers and quilt/throw in my suitcase. Just to be sure they receive them.

I'll talk about the awesome pillows in my next post.

Kaeli & Brian. Engaged 2018.