14 April, 2018

Reusable Gift Bags

 You can't go wrong with a drawstring bag. These are smallish - about 8" wide x 10" tall.
Perfect size for these birthday gifts I picked up at the local Spring In The Country Bazaar.

Some lotion ,some face scrubbies and who doesn't enjoy a good Lemon Drop.
The lotions and face scrubbies were made in my town. The Lemon Drop mix in Oregon.

My friend in Japan sent me the "This Took Me Hours To Make" ribbon which was about right. Haha. Perfect finishing touch.

 While out doing errands yesterday, some plants might have jumped into the car for a ride home. This one is a Primula and will need to stay inside for a bit longer until the night time temps go up. Then it will be part of an awesome patio pot outside.

It's on my kitchen table right now, getting in the way of taking photographs, but making me smile at the lovely lavender colors.

 Do you utilize re-usable gift bags?  I've seen IG posts where making a stash of these is a thing.
I have a stash of decorative paper bags. I don't think I want a stash of fabric bags too.

For the time they take - lined, reversible, I can't see someone shelling out cash for these.

Probably a bit like receiving handmade jam/jelly. If you return the jars, that person will gift you more jam.


  1. I use them, and I make them, and I have a stash of them in a multitude of sizes and fabrics :) I give them as gifts (as in - a collection of drawstring gift bags, presented in a drawstring gift bag :D), and on occasion I've told people to Return for Refill :D Like Teresa, sometimes it pains me to give them away too, LOL! In the past I've made them with paper pieced blocks as a focal feature - those ones are especially hard to give away because a lot of work goes into them :D

    Your bags are lovely, and that ribbon - THAT RIBBON! That ribbon makes a statement - love it!

  2. Is that Svetlana’s design? I love them! Quick to make, and *lined*!! I do sometimes use them as gift bags but I don’t know if they get kept or passed on

  3. Beautiful gift bags - and the contents look great, too.


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