19 April, 2018

Knitting Project Bag

 My blogging buddy in the UK made a zippered pouch utilizing the Pythagorean theorem
With this method the sides stand straight-up-vertical instead of sloping up towards the zipper.

I ended up with a tall zippy pouch with a somewhat narrow opening that would be perfect for a knitting project bag.

This, of course, was never my intention, as I rarely knit.

But it's tall-ish and has plenty of room for that sweater/shawl plus an outside clear vinyl pocket for knitting stuff.

To offset all that tallness. I added a riveted leather strap and to made the proportions work very nicely.

I cannot re-create this.

On the outside I used some awesome fabric from Ikea - yes! Ikea sells fabric.
The lining fabric is a gospel quilting cotton that I bought too much of for a fabric swap.

The two fabrics pounced on the sunny yellow zip because we're all tired of grey, drizzly days.  (or, the infamous minnesota blizzard, if you're over that way).

For some mid-weight structure, I quilted the inside lining. As I was winging it, I free motion quilted after I attached the zipper. this is not a recommended technique.

Finish measurement is about 9" long x 5" wide x 8" tall.
I didn't add enough sub-structure so my sides don't stand up straight and vertical, but they are.

 And, here it is. In my hand.

And, In my etsy shop, RunningWithHandmade


  1. We have that fabric here in Canada too - I got some the last time I went to Ikea for "Trip to Sweden" ladies night out (that means we go to Ikea to shop and to have supper, LOL) :) I love the leather strap (awesome idea) and the clear vinyl pocket and most especially, the cheery yellow zipper - you did a beautiful job on that bag!

  2. What a gorgeous bag! Did you list it in you Etsy store? The leather strap takes it to a real artsy level.. you're really a good designer, my friend! I hope you don't have to work a long day on this fabulous sunny day!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yep. It's now in my etsy store. Thanks for the lovely compliment Teresa.

  3. Gorgeous bag! It’s really striking, well done you!
    Love the yellow zipper, really sets it off!
    Barbara xx

  4. That’s a great adaptation of the pythagarous pouch - love the vinyl pocket, (thanks for the shout)


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