31 December, 2014

Marilyns Tissue Holder

The half-yard I bought of Marilyn had photo blocks. I took the smallest one and made it into a tissue holder for Tiff. Coordination with the Messenger Bag.

doesn't she look like she's blowing her nose?

Super easy to sew. Two scraps of fabric. One at 5.5" x 6.5" (outer fabric), the second (lining) at 5.5" x 7.5".

RS together, sew short 5.5" ends together with 1/4" seams. The top fabric (lining) will be cupped, but that's what creates the 'trim' (stripe) at the opening. Turn RS out, press so lining extends 1/4" past bottom fabric (outer). Bring lining sides into middle and press again. Sew ends with 1/4" seam (unfinished). Turn so lining is inside and presto!, you have a quick and easy tissue holder.

 There are plenty of sewing tutorials for these online plus about a thousand youtube videos. Great beginner project because you can easily make 42 in an hour {ha - kidding}.


 I have a new year's resolution to sew up the remaining fashion fabric once used and I have enough to make a couple of zippered bags - cosmetic size. Maybe 7 photo blocks left.  I'm not sure how I'll do with this resolution because I can already feel the urge to move on to the next projects and finish the other ones in the pipeline.

It's not quite the new year yet, can I rescind?


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30 December, 2014

Sewing Treasure Box

I found this nifty treasure box at a local christmas bazaar . I went one saturday after work and ended up taking photos of things I liked because it was  overwhelming with an inordinate amount of possible handmade gifts.

I kept looking at this monopoly box for my niece who is 17 years old. After work the following Saturday, I went to see if they still had some left.

It could be a sewing kit or a place to put her treasures.

In trying to figure out what I had in stash (from garage saling), I went mostly for what fit inside this box which roughly measures 9.5" x 7.5" x 3" deep.

The ziploc in front has all the pieces to the original Spiderman Monopoly game - good luck ephemera.

Clockwise from the pack of felt and embroidery floss::
treasure box, measuring tape, game pieces, pincushion (making explained), chocolate covered pretzel sticks, a FQ of Olivia the pig fabric (her namesake), snaps, needle book, 6" ruler/seam gauge, 4" quilting square ruler, pad of notepaper from Schmetz needles, red container with threads, pins, small items.

I am undecided about adding a crochet hook/ knitting needles, but need to let go of add one of my pairs of sewing scissors - for the cause.

What else would you add?

 Having a huge clean out sale  in my etsy shop right now.
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29 December, 2014

Beer Fermenting

I'm positive this photo has something to do with sewing.

courtesy of dear son

28 December, 2014

Pin Cushion

Simple Pin Cushion.
I'm putting together a sewing kit for my niece and a brand new pin cushion was in order.

I thrifted a cutter quilt earlier this year - I think it was an anniversary celebratory quilt. It was a grandmother's flower garden with the white centers embroidered with friends and family names.  Probably from the 50's. Although some of the fabrics are obviously feedsack quality.

I cleaned it as best as I could with Retro Clean but it was only a dollar for a reason.

This pin cushion is just a fussy cut 6" circle backed with a 6" piece of felt. The felt was chosen for it's non-sliding properties but more likely because the box of felt is still out from Christmas sewing.

You sew the circles RS together leaving 2" to turn. Stuff with fiber fill and lavender. I tend towards lavender because you want your pins and needles to smell good. Or is because lavender exudes a calming influence over your sewing frenzies???

Then you take some six strand variegated embroidery floss and knot it at one end of a very long piece. Decide how many sections you want. Come up thru the middle, around to the backside and back up to do the opposite side, pulling tightly as you go to get good definition of the petals. My pieced scrap lent itself to six sections.

Knot off.  Look in your button drawer and pick the first one with a shank and sew on with remainder of floss.



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26 December, 2014

Cleaning Out My Etsy Shop

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I'm cleaning out the old stuff (haha - vintage) and making room for new, old items.
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 Here are some examples of what I have for sale:
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  Greist RUFFLER foot sewing foot 2593519

 3 inch wide fine knitted edging. Scalloped edge

 Grab Bag of Christmas/Holiday Quilt Fabrics. Strips/Squares of Red/Green/Browns/Rickrack

 Sewing HAM, Dritz pressing aid

Batik style fabric almost 4 yards. striped with blue, green, orange, purple

24 December, 2014

Marilyn Monroe

Inside zip pocket- like looking up her skirt.

Opposite side - two pockets.
One of the smaller 'photo's on the panel

My neighbor girl has an obsession with Marilyn.

When I was at SewExpo last March (!), I ran into one of my neighbors who was buying this Marilyn fabric panel and I forgot what she was going to make for Tiff but I had to go back to that booth and buy a 1/2 yard panel myself.

It aged well - only 8 months in stash! and I had already decided to make her a messenger bag to haul her stuff around. Fussy cutting took up serious space in my head and I went for it Sunday.
I almost got the bag done before I had to go into work and I finished up the strap and flap this morning.

I still need to scotchguard it and do a final pressing.

I happened to have the right red fabric in stash - small stripe. I used Shapeflex 101 on all of the interfacing. Messenger bags should be slouchy and this iron-on interfacing doesn't give that ripple effect like most iron-on interfacings. Pencil Girl says that's because I need to pre-wash my interfacing first.

Like that's gonna happen.

I mostly used this pattern.

This one didn't need to be done for Christmas, but it is. I have one more item that needs to be sewn, also not needed tomorrow. I can't post some of them as these people read my blog. Also - as soon as the final thread is clipped, they are quickly crammed stashed into a mailing envelope/box aand sent off asap. No time for photos.

All in all, I have done very, very well on my handmade gifts this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone, may the next year be filled with more time to sew and/or create.

16 December, 2014

Potter Pillow

Running - that's December for someone in the shipping industry.
This was a quick make one Sunday morning before I had to go into work.
Sent off to birthday nephew already.

Idea borrowed from here.