31 May, 2010

Where Did May Go?

My thoughts lately have not been lining up with my photos. 

My thoughts have been getting dragged down by the "it's all about Kathy" world.
 Meanwhile, I am still creating things.   Sometimes it goes quite slowly.
I needed to take a few weeks off from journaling and reaffirm what I am journaling about.
What are my goals for this journal? You know - deep, profound thoughts.
I made thank you postcards for my fat quarter swappies utilizing some of the fabric I received.
I took the paisley and sandwiched card stock in between this fabric and a second fabric. Then I free-sewed around the paisley pattern to hold things together and zigzagged loosely around the edges. I simply wrote on the back with a sharpie and labeled them on the front. 
While doing eight of these -  four per card stock sheet, I remembered one of my neighbors has been dealing with a newish diagnosis of colon cancer. So- I took more of the fabrics and sewed a patchwork card to let her know - she's a sewer, so she gets it, that I was thinking of her that day.
I thought to wait to post the finished photos - and the process to create these fun projects.
 May has always been a busy month, and for now, here's a sampling of what I have been working on. 

13 May, 2010


xkcd.com logo

A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.

My daughter sent me the above link. A little Randomness for your day. Tell me if you get it.

Try this one.

05 May, 2010

Late Breaking NEWS FLASH Frosty in MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

My plants are trying to bloom here folks. We have been harangued with HAIL several times in  the last week.

People in the willamette valley have even gotten snow today. This is not Minnesota. This is Oregon - western Oregon. We even have a late frost warning in effect until tomorrow.

It is also the 5th of may, a.k.a. cinco de mayo. 
Yes, I have your ball.

And it might snow tonight.

Maple seedlings maintaining.

Top photo with tulips and weigelea blooming is 5 may (Hail Cinco de Mayo!!!). 
Bottom two photos are same bed in early March and early April.

Coconut Yogurt II

I tried two of these three yogurts. The plain coconut yogurt sweetened with Agave was a tad on the sweet side. 

The goat yogurt was nice. Not too strong on the goaty taste.

Unfortunately, the Gata marionberry yogurt started growing mold and I was unable to try it. It still had two weeks before it's due date. I'm thinking maybe the foil lid came loose.

I am still not having trouble with coconut creamers or coconut ice cream so I will be continuing to do my trials on finding a tolerable coconut yogurt. I need some serious probiotics and I would like to supplement the pills and powders with yogurt - if I can find one that I like and, of course, tolerate.

Now - my hubby doesn't care for the coconut aftertaste on the ice cream but then he has a few more choices on foods he can eat. I taste more of the silky, melting deep chocolate.
And I find I only get three servings out of the container as opposed to the four servings listed on the nutritional label. 
 I don't mind coconut on some items. The plain coconut yogurt that was too sweet had a very definite coconutty aftertaste.