05 May, 2010

Coconut Yogurt II

I tried two of these three yogurts. The plain coconut yogurt sweetened with Agave was a tad on the sweet side. 

The goat yogurt was nice. Not too strong on the goaty taste.

Unfortunately, the Gata marionberry yogurt started growing mold and I was unable to try it. It still had two weeks before it's due date. I'm thinking maybe the foil lid came loose.

I am still not having trouble with coconut creamers or coconut ice cream so I will be continuing to do my trials on finding a tolerable coconut yogurt. I need some serious probiotics and I would like to supplement the pills and powders with yogurt - if I can find one that I like and, of course, tolerate.

Now - my hubby doesn't care for the coconut aftertaste on the ice cream but then he has a few more choices on foods he can eat. I taste more of the silky, melting deep chocolate.
And I find I only get three servings out of the container as opposed to the four servings listed on the nutritional label. 
 I don't mind coconut on some items. The plain coconut yogurt that was too sweet had a very definite coconutty aftertaste.

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  1. Hey Kathy,
    This is Scott at Gata Foods. Thank you so much for trying our yogurt. Our Plain flavor is sweetened with Agave so it is more of a Coconut flavor than a plain. We are so sorry you got a bad yogurt. The seal must have been broken. We would love to give you some free yogurt so you can try all our 5 flavors. If you are interested please contact us on our website @ gatafoods.com


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