16 December, 2014

Potter Pillow

Running - that's December for someone in the shipping industry.
This was a quick make one Sunday morning before I had to go into work.
Sent off to birthday nephew already.

Idea borrowed from here.

30 November, 2014

Putting Together A Puzzle

I started this Thanksgiving Day

 - it's about to implode and take me with it - where I can't stop fitting puzzle pieces until I'm done.

The journaling had become one more thing to do and I had to take some blogging time off.

My work schedule is a bit better next week. I don't have to go in until 11am - I have all my mornings on a consistent schedule. Next week will be different.

Thanksgiving turned out way better than expected. Daughter is in Guatemala for the winter so I had to make do with the son. He was lavished with 10 dz chocolate chip cookies amongst other food items (when do you get over thinking that your child might starve if you don't provide goodies?)

I did manage to meet Pencil Girl at RCT Fabrics in Portland recently. She had a quarter beef for me to put in my freezer. We looked at fabrics, discussed projects, caught up on our busy lives, and then went to coffee.

We both bought this burn out knit, me in the lightest pink, she in the brown. This is the store example with the brown knit 'piping'.

The day job has included too much overtime since June (again) and now we are starting the Christmas rush.

We moved my Mom & Dad this summer - all 45 years accumulation from their 3500 sq ft house on the hill down to a  much smaller single level 1300 sq ft house. They not only changed their address but also their phone number. They are in their 80's and this was a Herculean task.

They insisted on moving the pool table from the basement for the use of the two grandkids who visit once a year from Minnesota. There was a moment when I told my dad, "You are crazy".
Very stressful but their old house sold in 7 weeks, they are ensconced in their new house and finding their way.
My sis, the MN whirlwind, came a few weeks ago and helped hang pictures, figure out furniture placement and help meet the neighbors.

I did manage some of the local christmas bazaars.

 Above: Paper cones swirled into an ornament.
Below: Magnets made of old maps, origami folded.

I didn't buy much - just looked and enjoyed.

I pinned this folded star trivet and planned on making two for Christmas presents.

 I managed to make one for my MN Sis so she could haul it back in her luggage - (saves me the shipping). So - one more to go.

Too busy to snap a photo but it is in similar red and aqua colors.


I have ideas on what I want to do with this Sashiko stitching.

 I made two of these! The first one was completed and lost over at my friend's house this summer. She has now found it and will send it to me.
I liked the design so much, I ordered another and it was much faster to stitch the second time around.

Going to camp out in my sewing room this afternoon. Got another pendleton pillow to sew.

29 October, 2014

Bad Ass Pinking Shears

These are the far out pinking shears I found last Saturday at an estate sale.
My estate sale 'runner' usually hangs out in the Woodburn area so it was a surprise to see her in the Portland Gateway area.
Which, oddly enough, is near my favorite fabric store, Fabric Depot.

Her sale advertised the usual estate stuff plus YARN. Yes there was boat loads of yarn and just a wee bit of sewing notions.
These are still sharp and I love the blades. They give off that "we mean business" vibe.


 Also found, biggest covered buttons ever.
$2 ziploc -selling the rest of the notions.
I have a purpose for these if I can find the darn tutorial again.

And I just asked my creative friend if she had any jump rings on her.
hah - I find everything at garage sales.

Look at these cool tweezers. One can never have enough tweezers in life. . . or is that sewing machines. . . or is that scissors. . . patterns. . .fabric. . .

27 October, 2014

The Pink Windmill

                May I present to you The Pink Windmill

Almost the entire baby-sized quilt is made from stash. Hooray for me.
I've had these Minky pieces in stash for several years (garage sale find .50 cents) and thought they would go well with the vintage Spring Industries gingham rabbit - reminiscient of Current, Inc stationery imagery.

I found more than four yards of the gingham rabbit this summer at a local garage sale for $2 - yes, two bucks. I promptly sold 3 yds  and kept the long yard for me.

Still, it was pink. I saw a post on Benta's site where she was doing a christmas quilt with prairie point edging and I was inspired to add some prairie point windmills to break up all the too cute gingham rabbits.


I feel so quilty - cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together again.

The gingham checks are 2"square and 3" prairie points looked too small so I went with 4" squares  to fold and I love how it turned out. 

I love how the day turned out too. It's been sunny all morning which was much easier getting a photo to look good and not twisty in the wind.

I still have to quilt it and am thinking of tying it with yarn. That minky is the very devil to sew with as it stretches in weird unexpected ways that you cannot control. I hand-basted the quilt top to the minky backing and then purposely put the minky in the middle of the quilt sandwich with the batting while I sewed the edges.
I thought I was never going to get a squared-off quilt backing out of it.

Any thoughts on quilting this pink beauty?

A.  Hand -tie with yarn
B.  Hand quilt around the squares
C. ???

26 October, 2014

Rocket Baby Quilt Finished

One quilt finished. Need to tackle my pink one still.

 A very windy and blustery Pooh day. 
Yesterday was stormier, today we get intermittent sunbreaks.

 The backing is a mini-check flannel. You can see the scraps in the binding.
Which makes my heart sing. That piece will not be added to stash.

I was able to hit FabricDepot yesterday for the backing fabrics after work and a doctor's appointment. There was an estate sale nearby that made driving out there worthwhile. I found some pinking shears that are the coolest ever.

I machine quilted using a wavy line found in my machines' hundred stitch library - very simple. 
Rows four inches apart. I'm not a fan of every inch needs to be quilted. I like the quilt to be more plush and soft.

Inside is Hobb's Heirloom Cotton Batting - another garage sale acquisition and mostly gone making these two baby quilts. Yay!

17 October, 2014

Velvet Elvis

My newest plant lust: Velvet Elvis.
Latin name: Plectranthus

This one dropped into my cart last spring because of the plant label. It showed lots of little tubular flowers on stalks - somewhat like salvia.

I always buy a few filler plants for my patio pots in the Spring. This one grew and grew and grew some more. No flowers. But it was super happy to make my patio it's home so I watched it and watered it as it grew some more.

After a long hot, dry summer, in which it did nothing but grow, it burst forth with these delicious orchid-type flowers in October.

Oh my.

The leaves have a  nice purplish/blue undertone and I am now on a quest to see if I can get it to winter over.

Dahlia from my Mom & Dad's place. 

I am super lazy with dahlias. I do not dig them up to winter over. 
Four out of five years, they will survive our Oregon winters and come back better than ever. That 5th winter, they tend to freeze too long and turn to mush. Which most of mine did last winter - except for this one which is protected by an evergreen yew situated nearby.

These landscape roses are out front and they bloom wildly from late April to late November. I have a love/hate relationship with these. I love all the constant blooming but they have lethal thorns. Not just the usual rose thorns but double'O'7 thorns.

'Tis the season. Apple pie time.

My avocados.

Like most people, I've always heard you can grow your own grapefruit from seed, avocado from seed, etc. The reality is frustrating. There is the missing secret of getting them to work. I think I watched every youtube video to find out what I was doing wrong. The toothpicks, the careful scraping off the bottom of the pit, -- I must have spent 14,000 hours googling to find out how to do it.

Here's how; You pick a nice slightly ripe avocado and sit it on the counter for a few days to get it to that optimal 'ripeness'. You peel it, put it on your salad greens, wash the pit and carry the pit outside where you cram it down into the soil of one of your patio pots.
Forget about them.

Tada! they all grow.

I have four in this pot. This is their second year. Debating whether to re-pot before bringing it inside for the winter or leaving it rootbound......