14 April, 2014

My Second Kid

My kid.

Finishing up his 2nd year of Pharmacy school. Next year, he's headed up to OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University - Hospital).
He's president of his class and this is his second video. This one is for recruitment.

Incredibly proud mama.

Here's his first video - earlier in the year.

09 April, 2014

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

My local library has been offering free classes funded through Friend's of the Library.

Last month, I took an Origami class - flowers!
And last night - a class on decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

What a fantastic teacher! Originally from the Czeck Republic, she emigrated to the USA back in the 80's. Along with a full-time job, she conducts classes on this subject.
That's 30 years of teaching!

You start by learning how to melt wax in the thingymading - Kistka and draw with the wax.
When your design is done, it is dipped in an ink-dye and then you wax design on top of that.
Then it is dipped in ink-dye again (2 -3 times) and the result is intense color saturation around your design.

You can be as elaborate as you what. Random or Patterns.

"I can't do this" was heard many times last night. Especially amongst the older ladies.
There's no wrong way or right way.
As we get older, the urge to stifle creativity becomes worse.

When acquaintances find out that I made something, there is amazement that I know how to make something. And the negativity on my part? That I see the flaws.

Let your creativity free folks.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

The tan lines are the brown egg. This is where the first round of wax went. It was first dipped in purple and then more wax applied and then dipped in green.

First in blue, then more wax, then green. The inside of the birdie is the first color - then covered and surrounded by the new color.

We did one practice egg, then our 'real' egg. Not enough time to do a third. This is my first. Love my rooster.

My second egg.

What would a cool craft be without being pyromaniacs! 

This candle will melt the wax in your Kistka so you can 1,2,draw,1,2,draw, repeat.

Try something new today. Watch the negative attitude.

Timberline Lodge - Mt. Hood
More on Daniela Mahoney:
Her Oregon inspired eggs;

Ukranian Easter Eggs - nice how-to here;
 Photo courtesy of

07 April, 2014

Quilty Thoughts & Blog Photos

Last fall, Pencil girl and I attended the NW Quilt Show at the Expo center, here in Portland.
That's where we took the long-arm quilting class put on by Boersma's (McMinnville).

I was going through  my photos on my smarty pants phone this morning and I realize
I've been gearing up to this blog post for quite a while.
Why do I blog? Why do you blog? What's the purpose of blogging?
This seems to be a yearly ritual with me - to re-examine the reasons.

Check out the photo above?
Is this not a great presentation of these felted purses? As one with the background - the craft extended?

1. I take photos because they interest me.

I know I'm interested, but I can definitely say that most people are not. This photo could be printed onto paper - but why? No one, not even me, will ever view it again. However, in this context of the blog post, it obtains value.

2. By putting these photos into a blog 'story', I will read them again.

3. My memory's going.

Yours is too. These two photos of the modern-style blanket are from a book, not from the NW Quilt Expo. I was drawn to to the design and what fabrics the designer used. (polar fleece).
I don't even recall the book now but I took them about the same time as the NW quilt Expo.

Frankly, my phone camera doesn't like to rotate photos. I am reasonably sure that I took the first photo of this polar fleece blanket the same way as the second - yet technology trumped me again.

4. Keep up with technology.

Simple, but striking striped pillow case.

5. To recall design decisions.

I am enjoying Pinterest as a way to organize my thoughts on sewing design.

Many bloggers are making the switch to Instagram as a blogging platform. 
One photo, one thought.

My perception of Instagram.    I haven't used it as of yet.

My mind is full of random thoughts.
Blogging helps organize them, edit them & more importantly, get them out of my head to a place where they can be useful.

6. This is not a quilting blog.
I have zero interest in piecing this quilt but I can enjoy the result without having to make it myself.
My blog is not about any one sewing method. --Just random ramblings of things that interest me.

I have been able to distinguish that hand made items are valuable - by writing this journal. By writing things down, we start to understand patterns & repetitions in our thoughts.

A very useful add-on table. If you were going to make a thousand HST (half-square triangles) that all needed to be pressed.

This art quilt won First place. What makes it 'special'? What were the judges looking for?

7. My blog is a place to put photos of things I've experienced. Wait... wasn't that the number one reason?

The art quilt above is called "Flight Path". Those who read my blog know that I have a rabid interest in flying. Taking photos is a way to recall events that are brought to mind by the photo.

Seeing this photo again recalls a sunny spring day with airplanes taking off to fly out for breakfast and (random segue here) the need for less chemicals in my yard in order to attract fluttering  butterflies and hummingbirds (and segueing back) recognizing a particular round engine noise.

8. Writing to express to the world, "Who am I"?

Photos definitely say more about me than I do. Chatty Cathy was a doll who talked as much as I do. Yet, I do not share my most private thoughts with  most people. I can talk a lot about nothing at all. I work in retail where I can BS with the best of them. But I am innately careful not to share too much.

My blog allows me to do so to a select few.

3. Memory.

What a fickle creature. I've seen this purse pattern around the blogasphere in various formats and I am drawn to making this purse. Just a reminder.

Traditional quilting but monochromatic.

I was drawn to something in this photo - enough to take a photo. Was it the materials used to create texture? The actual material? The pattern?

9. Mostly, I just like a place that encourages me to write more and a place to dump my photos.

Oregon Coast Art quilt. Love those random squares and rectangles on the side sashing.

***bye bye photos taking up space on my smarty pants phone.

06 April, 2014

Rainbow Sewing

I finished two items today.
A rainbow heart bunting and a vinyl zippered pouch with a rainbow on the back.

Sewing with vinyl can be curse-worthy.
But interesting.

I used  my clover clips to hold the bias binding in place. I also utilized the paper that came with my vinyl to help sew it easier. Then I tore the paper off the stitches. The trick with vinyl is a fresh needle, and something to help make it move - whether it be a teflon foot, tissue paper or K-Y jelly. Yep, Pencil girl told me that one. She sometimes sews for Michael Curry Design in Scappoose, Oregon.
They sew a lot of weird stuff. Where you need some tricks up your sleeve.

04 April, 2014


St. Frozen, Minnesota received yet another Wintry blast.
Nephew's latest snowman design.

03 April, 2014

Fabric Depot ---***Added Friday 4/4 Tula Pink Fabric Giveaway

In sewing news, our Portland FABRIC DEPOT finally got a new website and blog.
This store at 122nd & stark has everything you want - well, mostly.
From bridal to camouflage, aurifil to rickrack, home decor to bunny flannel, foam for your dog, cushion, bed, upholstery or bed, charms to layer cakes --- Fabric Depot is a HUGE store. And their old website was sucky. The search function had to be exact. And chances were, what you were looking for wasn't on the website - only in the store. The new website is better.

They even put out a video:

The new Fabric Depot blog is called Thread & Fiber.
Can't wait to see how this develops.

This week's Fat Quarter Friday includes a GIVEAWAY! You could win this 6-piece fat quarter pack of Fox Field from FreeSpirit Fabrics including a signed fat quarter by Tula Pink! Head over to our blog to get full details on how to enter! Giveaway ends Monday night. Good luck! http://bit.ly/1oyxN29


More info on the Fabric Depot store in Portland, Oregon.

"Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon

Fabric Depot is one of the largest, most complete, locally and indepentently-owned fabric stores in the country. We stock a vast array of brand name, first quality fabrics, notions and crafts in an enormous, well-maintained store.You'll be inspired by 20,000 fabrics in our various departments: Quilting, Bridal, Home Decor, and Fashion. Fabric Depot also carries a great selection of quilting supplies, sewing notions, books, patterns, yarns, gifts and even specialty foods!
Fabric Depot has plenty of free parking in our lot, including parking for RVs and buses! If you're coming in a big group (10 or more people), please email us to arrange special discounts for your group!

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
We are closed for: Easter | Thanksgiving | Christmas"

My birthday is coming up in May. Here's some suggestions:
{.....ahem......I may have bought these already on my last visit....}

Flyboy Mono Plane - BlackFlyboy Blueprint Plan - Charcoal
Flyboy Blueprint Plan - Grey