18 February, 2020

Grandma Alert

Off to Reno this weekend to give these baby booties to my son and daughter-in-law. 

Trying to restrain myself to making one baby item a month. (and not overwhelm the parents with an out of control grandmother).


  1. Oh, oh, OH! I have 3 new grands this year, where might I find this pattern?!

  2. Patty,

    Re:pattern. I saw a couple of patterns on etsy. Maggie and Blitzen. I ended up using a mash up of free blog tutorials and youtube patterns. I think if I made them again, the Blitzen booties would be closest. The strap I used has a snap a little off center, whereas, the blitzen snap is further to the side. The Maggie is rather blocky for my taste. If you're not up to making sense of the free tutorials/patterns, I'd recommend the Blitzen bootie. On Etsy and their own web site - just google name.


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