03 May, 2018

Double-Sided Clutch

 This was a fun make.
Detailed in one of my facebook sewing groups, this double-sided clutch was super easy in it's simplicity.

I've made three so far with these Ikea fabrics.

One sold to a special person so I added in some other Canby-made goodies: hand-crocheted face scrubbies and honeysuckle lotion.

The clutch has three pocket compartments so you stay organized. Very ingenious pattern idea.

On my second one, I decided to add a leather strap to the side, riveted on. Purely decorative. The leather strap was scavenged from a vintage leather belt.

My Bloodgood Laceleaf Japanese Maple is in full leaf. It's about 27 years old and huge. I could prune it up to see the twisted trunk but then you would need to do that every year. Too much work. I just trim up from the ground so it's fairly even. My old dog, Rocket, used to love lying underneath with his head peeping out.

I've got to find our original landscape plans. I swear this variety is Bloodgood but all the internet sites say bloodgood is an upright maple.

And here it is from the other direction with my dwarf purple bearded iris's and weigelia in the foreground. with the stinkin' purple violets getting all weedy in there.

I'm also getting my patio pots ready for the summer. The hanging baskets and the 'groupings'. We're getting some nice May weather with not too much rain so things are growing fast.
purple columbine

These rhodies were given to me free. The homeowner changed out her landscape and they've done quite well for me.

Morning dew on those delicate pink blossoms.


  1. Oh my beautiful garden goodies - especially the rhododendron (and I had to look up the spelling to make sure I was getting it right, LOL). Beautiful bags too - love your scavenged embellishment! I think I've seen that first print @ Ikea!

    1. Ikea fabric designs are some of my favorites.

  2. What a great little clutch you made! Love the leather handle, so clever you are! I also enjoyed your little lace-leaf maple, we have a similar one but not as big as yours, but it's getting bigger! Funny to see it dwarfed by daffodil leaves. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a lovely accent the leather makes, and three pockets would be very handy. Wish I could grow rhododendrons. Yours are beautiful.

  4. Heavens, those columbine are beautiful.

    1. Sometimes, I want to grow all the columbines.

  5. Double sided clutch looks beautiful. The outer cover looks beautiful with great design on them. Black is the wonderful background.

    Beautiful and colorful flowers:)


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