31 December, 2014

Marilyns Tissue Holder

The half-yard I bought of Marilyn had photo blocks. I took the smallest one and made it into a tissue holder for Tiff. Coordination with the Messenger Bag.

doesn't she look like she's blowing her nose?

Super easy to sew. Two scraps of fabric. One at 5.5" x 6.5" (outer fabric), the second (lining) at 5.5" x 7.5".

RS together, sew short 5.5" ends together with 1/4" seams. The top fabric (lining) will be cupped, but that's what creates the 'trim' (stripe) at the opening. Turn RS out, press so lining extends 1/4" past bottom fabric (outer). Bring lining sides into middle and press again. Sew ends with 1/4" seam (unfinished). Turn so lining is inside and presto!, you have a quick and easy tissue holder.

 There are plenty of sewing tutorials for these online plus about a thousand youtube videos. Great beginner project because you can easily make 42 in an hour {ha - kidding}.


 I have a new year's resolution to sew up the remaining fashion fabric once used and I have enough to make a couple of zippered bags - cosmetic size. Maybe 7 photo blocks left.  I'm not sure how I'll do with this resolution because I can already feel the urge to move on to the next projects and finish the other ones in the pipeline.

It's not quite the new year yet, can I rescind?


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  1. I try and finish project fabrics too - if not it either lays around for years or I buy more to go with it! Great use it up idea


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