09 April, 2018

The Quilt Is Done


The Quilt is done.

It took just as long as the first time too.
The first photo is the 2nd quilt, the 2nd photo is the original.

This was my Christmas present to my son and his girlfriend.
A nice sized giant gingham quilt.

I mailed it off and the post office delivered it to a parcel locker at the apartment complex where they live. Who knows who got the parcel locker key? We discovered no keys were given out.

My sis sent a package that was delivered the same day. Also no key.

At first, we were suffering from disbelief. Days turned into weeks with crazy information. Lester the carrier, multiple supervisors/postmasters who would not call back, tampering with lockers, hope.    A package found in one of the lockers addressed to my son from more than two months back (also NO KEY).

We moved on to the online package inquiry debacle. Both my sister and I filled out the forms. The post office officiously declared it "delivered", therefore no insurance money.

Finally, on the same day I finished the binding on the second quilt, I received a check for $50 plus postage from the post office. This was after my third appeal - where I lost it.

 I almost didn't send the third appeal in. I was ready to move on. But then, I realized I was still enraged. I grabbed a piece of paper and let them have it! I may have mentioned NO KEYS!!! multiple times with lots of exclamations.

My sis hasn't seen her $50 yet.
I believe the system is designed to make you give up.

Both packages were sent priority mail which automatically gives you $50 insurance. I didn't insure my package 'cuz how can you put a price on handmade?

 Here's the backside. I mathed up additional yardage plus my three main fabrics didn't shrink as much as the original three flannels. My little gingham thingy turned out great.

One of the other problems I encountered was the fabric store had moved on from wintery flannel colors to springy colors. I persevered and found my wintry palette and then went home and floundered in the "I should have re-made this in a spring gingham" funk.

By the time they receive this, it will be Spring!

 Outside on a random 70' day. My japanese maples are leafing out joyously.

I also sewed up four zippered pillows. They just bought a house where they live and I will be transporting these pillow covers and quilt/throw in my suitcase. Just to be sure they receive them.

I'll talk about the awesome pillows in my next post.

Kaeli & Brian. Engaged 2018.


  1. Congratulations to Brian and Kaeli! And to you for the successful remake and for the insurance for finally seeing sense and boo to the plonker who organised a parcel locker and then didn’t get keys issued and signed for - they should be sacked!!

  2. Oh, the trials and tribulations of the USPS!!! Kudos to you for having the stamina to recreate the quilt. Looks lovely. Although, I would rather have the airplane underneath ;) What a fabulous idea with the fabric you used for the pillows. LOVE it!!!

  3. Congratulations to Brian and Kaeli :) The quilts are gorgeous ... I'm sure you're happy The Saga of the Quilt(s) is now pretty much over, although it certainly didn't have the happiest of endings - the post office should be hanging their head in shame :(

  4. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to Brian and Kaeli! Your quilt turned out faboo.. good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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