11 April, 2018

Sequin Pillows

 When I was up at SewExpo this year, I found some of this sequin-flip fabric and I knew it would make my re-made quilt project shine. Perfect accessory for my son and his girlfriend.

What? You don't know about this sequin-flip fabric? I've been seeing it around in my IG feed and it's super fun to play with. Go ahead, write your stuff. With a flip of your hand, you can erase. The sequins are attached with a bigger circle punch to allow them to flip. This fabric is directional.

Once in my sewing room, I remembered my hobnail bedspread that I had meant to finish making more pillows from and I had even cut them out as 25" squares.

I decided to make them two of these pillows as well.

Well, actually, I was dithering on the sequin flip pillows. Should I do some big-ass piping around the perimeter? Should I piece the back with gingham to match the quilt? (big-ass brain)

Making the hobnail ones first allowed my over-active brain to calm it down and decide on simple zippered pillows.

I had to make the hobnail ones zippered as they are huge at 24". This size fits most modern day pillow cushy couches. I made one plain - hob nail on both sides so I could figure out the zipper (invisible). The second one has fringe and an invisible zipper as well.

The hobnail/chenille ones will be a decorating neutral with the smaller 20" sequin ones as the focus.

 You can see how the sequin ones go with the quilt backing.

For the sequin pillows I sewed the zippers at top. They aren't invisible but they are brown so they merge quite well. The bonus of keeping a large stash. Frankly, I didn't need to make zippered pillows as they aren't washable. You have to dry-clean those sequins. The flannel on the reverse will attract doggy hair. I could have just sewn them shut. But I had found the zippers in stash and I was on a zipper sewing spree.

I also sewed the sequin fabric to some cotton/poly fabric (stash) to help stabilize the slight stretch of the sequin fabric.

I used the rest of my red flannel quilt backing for the pillow backs. I had to piece the backs to get to 20" square. 
I could have made them elongated/rectangular but 20" and 24" pillow forms are much easier to find (and afford) than irregular sizes.

Even though I had these pillow forms in my stash, I plan to take just the covers when I visit in a few weeks. I plan to order the forms through Joann's or Hobby Lobby and have them ship them to the new house. Usually, I can find free shipping as well as a sale on pillow forms.


  1. What a nice mom you are to make those gorgeous things for your son and his fiance! Very fancy, the sequin one and I love the old fashioned bedcover ones, too. We always called them chenille bedspreads, they were popular when I was a kid and my parents had one on their bed. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'm with Teresa - you're a nice mom, and I love those chenille bedspreads too - the cutters are great for crafting :) The pillows are beautiful, and I'm with you 1000% on buying more standard sizes of pillows for economy's sake, and in utilizing free shipping where possible. I'm doing something similar for some great nephews for Christmas - I spotted body pillow panels that would work for them so I'm going to make pillowcases with the panels, and depending on timing, I'll either buy the pillows and deliver them to the kids' grandma when I see her next, or if the timing is off, I can just order the pillows from Amazon or Walmart and have 'em shipped for free :D

  3. Love the sequin fabric - must be a nightmare in shops though people seem to love writing rude words on them!!


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