16 April, 2018

Wee Braw Bag

 I might have had a moment a few weeks ago when I purchased three PDF sewing patterns.
God knows I dislike PDF's. Having to print out the pattern myself, tape it together.

I need to sew a dress up for myself and the pattern I liked only came in PDF form.
In a moment of madness, I went with it.

This wee drawstring bag is only five pages of instructions. It's all rectangles so you don't need a pattern piece for this. For the dress - more than 80 pages. Thank goodness it came with a copy shop option for a commercial printer to print it out on the big sheet of paper. That will be another blog post right there.

i was in a mood to sew something new and for once, I didn't have the energy to figure out the dimensions myself.

I took the pattern and ran with it.

It's fairly smallish but will hold a sewing kit. With pockets on the inside as well as the outside, it organizes small items quite well.

I just happened to have that orange and black striped trim in stash (think OSU Beavers possibilities). which jumped on the zebra bandwagon very nicely. The blue fabric is a cotton/poly that coordinated well. The zebras were purchased at the recent SewExpo so that's nice to use one item I bought already.

The picture on the wall is a needlepoint purchased at a garage sale. In fact, I recently found another that is similar. It's isn't framed, so now I'm looking for a similar frame at a garage sale so I can hang the other sewing-themed needlework art.

 WeeBrawBag: A Sewing Pattern by Laura Zuckerkuss   https://payhip.com/b/gmI4

The other two pdf patterns I purchased are The Fringe Dress  and The Augusta Moto Pant

I almost forgot to add dd's newest Study In Blue photos.
Byron Glacier, Alaska.


  1. Another fun creation, miss Sewing Master! I look forward to seeing your dress project. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The zebra fabric is a hoot - you matched up the fabrics so nicely! That's a sweet design for a bag, and I'm sure you could size it up (or down, even) as needed, if you wanted different sizes :) I love pdf files - they're so convenient, and less expensive than paper patterns, and can be downloaded immediately (usually) for instant gratification :D I don't mind printing out a couple of pages here and there for patterns, but it's definitely a PITA to print out tons of pages or big patterns that need to be taped. However, getting the right pattern pieces out of paper patterns from the big pattern companies, is an equal PITA, now that I'm thinking about it!

  3. You have been busy!
    Cute bag! Love the fabric. Well done, that’s a lovely finish!
    dd’s photos are amazzzing!
    Barbara xx

  4. I don’t get why designers insist on a pdf design for all rectangles, just give us the dimensions, the bag is really fab though, but dd’s photos are amazing!!

  5. Love the materials that you have chosen.


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