04 July, 2016

It's A Thing

It's a thing.

A couple of weeks ago, a potato with only one stamp showed up at work postage due.
On the front was an address and on the back was "Test For Wedding".
And the recipient paid the postage due.

It got me thinking.

I sent an Idaho baker to the 15 year old nephew for his birthday.
He texted me that he received it.

I immediately texted him back, "Did you find the money inside?"

If you aren't already laughing, then I was dying in the aisle.

The nephew was left wondering, "Is there money inside?"

So I'm telling this story to various peoples and fully 50% also wonder how I got the money inside. And proceed to tell me how they would do it.

The other 50% get the joke.

Fast forward a week or so to summer camps and moms sending small packages to their kidlets.
Many camps autocratically declare, "Do not send candy."

I show the photo and say, "Why not send a potato?"

It's officially, now a thing.

Most bakers weigh 12 -13 oz, so it will cost you $4.35 to send one. I put four Int'l stamps on (space available) for $4.60.


  1. That is hilarious! I got sent a coconut once from back home in Hawai'i... That was pretty fun, too!

  2. So.. did you really put money in it? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It's a thing! Potato Express! Spuddy Delivery! Russet Rush! DIY Fries! Uber Tuber!

  4. Okay, I bite. What's the joke?


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