05 July, 2016

Canbyland Parade

OSU Sponsered 4-H animal groups

I adopted this kid. Taught him everything I know about getting more candy.

We  wave, They throw candy.

Motorcycles; Harleys and BMX

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Our local classic cars.
Politicians likes these convertibles. We'll vote -- if they throw good candy....ahem.

Knight's Of Columbus

Gorgeous John Deeres

This kid played soccer with my kid. His mom is the librarian. He likes his tractors and has an awesome collection.

Happy 4th of July everyone!
I biked into town with my library returns and my shipping packages, dumped them at my friend's shop and watched the parade.
We have new organizers, mostly because the old organizers thought it was a thankless task (yeah?). The new peoples thought it was too hot at 2pm so they moved the parade up to 9:30am. Early and cold.

This was my favorite entry. These three girls dressed themselves and their horses up as Alice in Wonderland. This grey horse is one tall horse. He's wearing rabbit ears if you look closely.
Her cohorts are the Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts.

It's a pleasure to have horses back in our parade. Many years ago, a horse bolted after a firecracker scare and thumped someone in the head with his hoof. My little kidlets were on the swings at that moment as he soared over our blanket and hit the lady next to it.  It took many years to get the organizers calm enough to allow horses back.

 A couple of bands - always great to have live music. Those glad-handing politicians with canned patriotic music....hmmmm.

 Our other local controversy with the old organizers was patriotism. They told the American Legion they could not lead the parade with their honor guard. No one had ever, EVER, had to think about this before so a flurry of pissed off citizens peppered the local paper with editorials.

The organizers sad little arguments was this parade was not about war and flags. (wtf?!?!?).

It's the 4th of July. Celebrating America's Independence.
Besides, the American Legion had always headed the parade.

My candy haul
I adopted a set of kids who started off not so fast in the candy haul biz. I taught them everything I know. Especially the part where you watch the beginning of the parade (most candy) and when the police cruiser sweeps by at the end, you hightail it three streets over to catch the parade again (less candy)

After the parade, I perused the vendor booths and also the library book sale. Even though I biked, I managed to find three books to stuff into my little backpack.

We finished the day with Baby Back Ribs on the grill with potato salad and watermelon.

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth. It was super nice for me to have a two day weekend which only happens about twice a year. My co-worker had to work this holiday. (Of course that means I'll be working Labor Day.) Happy Independence Day!


  1. What a neat parade you had! I'm so glad they let the horses back in the parade.. I get so mad at people that light off firecrackers around horses.. I mean.. how stupid is that? Glad you taught the kids about candy catching! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Fabulous parade, I especially love Chitty Chitty bang bang! Yikes about the runaway horse! Scary stuff!

  3. There was no candy thrown at parades when I was a kid. I feel deprived now. :-P I remember how surprised I was the first time I heard about this new tradition, and then telling my kid to stay away from candy on the ground near horse pies the first time I saw this practice in action. ;-)

    1. In Rockaway, they close down hwy 101 for an hour and the fire engines at the end spray water at the crowds.

  4. It looks really fun! We have our village fair with a short parade but nothing as spectacular! Well done on the sweet haul - we don't have that :-(

  5. i am glad you had a nice weekend. I did too! ;)


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