03 February, 2014

My Mega Pinnie

I saw this Mega Pinnie a few months ago and I put it on my list I needed one. I am forever tossing my sewing room looking for a sewing tool I just had in my hand.Then Hadley over at Flying Blind On A Rocket Dog won one.  Then Benta over at SLIKstitches made one. This project jumped to the top of my list.

I figured this caddy/pincushion would be great for hand-stitching times as a way to corral those pins that seem to get stuck in the couch arm (as a surprise!).

Benta made a couple of modifications. I loved her idea for the elastic to keep the thread from rolling onto the floor. She also mentioned wishing for a handle - because this caddy/pincushion is large. I added two D-rings with the idea of a detachable handle but just having something to grip while carrying seems to be enough.

This was a fun project.
I was only stupid once!  

There are six sides which are obviously square but I still read it as cut 6 x 7 squares. I know, I know, it was six 7-inch squares but my brain ignored the square part.  Four sides have pockets covering them up so I just added another inch. I also only quilted halfway on those side squares.

Tutorial from Bluepatch Quilter for the Mega Pinnie is here.

***Update:::Won Blue Ribbon at 2014 Clackamas County Fair.
This is my most used make of 2014. Extremely handy at corralling sewing tools and also for taking to the couch for hand sewing.


  1. That is very cute! Looks handy.
    Nice recovery on the mistake, btw!
    Where did you get the label that says "treasures"?

    1. This one was part of a selvedge 'name'. 'Timeless Treasures'

  2. Thanks for the shout, I love the fabrics you've used, I was far too boring in my choice, isn't it a great help in the sewing room!!!!!

  3. Fabulous Pinnie and I love seeing the modifications, such great ideas.


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