19 February, 2014

Year Of The Rabbit

I found this fabric at a church rummage sale. The wine red and the rabbits drew me in.
{Not to mention I was born in the Year of the Rabbit.}

A curtain of some sort, I realized later they were Japanese Noren - hanging door curtains.
Which distracted me into thinking I needed to sew my own Noren.

Thankfully, I don't always listen to my distractions. While I would love hanging door curtains in at least one doorway of my home, hubby would just get tangled up.

Crafty Tokyo Mama sent me this fabric with Oregon on it. Perfect color match.

This free pattern with the hidden pocket started out here, but soon morphed into something better.
I added hardware from my recently deceased tote, plus an inside pocket. This is a deep tote - perfect for trolling the vendor aisles at SewExpo.

The only thing lacking is handles.
If I have to, I will sew some but I really wanted leather-like flat handles so I'm off to Joann's to see what I can discover.

A very roomy, lined, Waterfront Park Pleated Tote.

I have another tote in my queue - a more tailored pendleton one plus a messenger bag for my niece which I am hoping to get done in the next week. I also need to buckle down and sew new pajamas and a top or two - utility sewing - but all involving the super fast serger so it's really a question of procrastination.


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