10 February, 2014

Plane Snow

I have done nothing this weekend.
I thought about sewing.
I read some patterns.
I watched several episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs. Some of the early 70's episodes and then season one & two of the 'modern' one. So funny to see the difference in TV styling. Back in the 70's, the actors/actresses sported their 70's hairstyles , the faint Laura Ashley inspiration in dress and a weebit toned down 70's makeup. The 'modern version tries to replicate the 1930's styles in makeup and hairstyles more. I suppose that's why we all love Downton Abbey. The story lines are slight but the styling is amazing.

After getting home safely Saturday morning before the truck bozos came out of the woodwork to make driving in the ice and snow more of an adventure, I hunkered down.
We had several neighbors succumb to cabin fever who declared they had no food in the house and had to go out driving in the ice & snow. I'm always amazed. The Willamette Valley has soft seasons. Our one big winter storm may incapacitate most people but it only lasted 3 1/2 days! people. We are not the eastern part of the united states in our 4th month of winter storms, nor are we Minnesota in the minus whatever degrees for days/weeks on end. We will be at 46' tomorrow. Spring will be blooming by next week.

Anyway, we didn't lose power, we had food, we had entertainment, we can occupy ourselves when conditions outside are not optimal. My birds were fed, the arthritic dog stretched some muscles, we took some walks, we read the Sunday paper today (didn't arrive yesterday). I love living here with our soft seasons.

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