07 February, 2014

Flower Delay

We usually have quite a few crocuses, Anemones, Camillia flowers blooming by now. Even my tiny dwarf Iris's show color but we got whacked with an actual winter storm with more coming today.

Sasanqua Camillia - 22 years old.

The Hummingbirds glare into my kitchen, reproaching me for not defrosting the feeder. They must have phenomenal eyesight and their angry chittering can obviously be interpreted.

Regular Camellia budding out.

Yesterday, before work, after defrosting the feeder.

Winter storms dumping more snow on us this afternoon with some possible icy (usual) conditions in and around this weekend. Good time to stay indoors. And sew.

This last Wednesday, I drove all the way out to St. Helen's to the Fiber & Stitches fabric store for a 'Show 'n Tell night. What fun. It didn't have to be about sewing although most of us do this as a hobby.

Lots of story telling. My friend, Pencil Girl, has been working  at Michael Curry Designs as an 'over-hire' so she shared some of the designs she has been working on. Michael Curry provided some of the event magic for the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Another 'grandma' went crazy with her first grand-daughter (to be born in March!) and brought in everything she's sewn so far. Another gal doesn't sew but is knee-deep in watercolors right now.
Amazing creativity.


  1. Your show and tell night sounds fun, the weather not so much! We've had a month's rain in 48 hours, and still it rains!

  2. Hummingbirds in winter? You must make some kind of awesome nectar! Love your circular camellia.

  3. hey! You got the snow that you wanted! YAY!
    Show and tell night sounds really fun!


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