24 July, 2013

Hatfield Marine Science Center

I grew up going to Newport as a child. My parents were school teachers and every summer we would take off on car trips throughout the West. I had two great-aunts in Newport - sisters to my grandma, and we would pay our respects each time we were near.

The Hatfield Marine Science Center played a big part in my childhood as my dad was a science teacher. Nowadays you can choose to go to the flashier (i.e. expensive) Oregon Coast Aquarium made famous by Keiko the whale (of Free Willy claim) who was transported partway by UPS.
Keiko is now gone - I think Iceland or Greenland (google it).
Anyway, the Hatfield center  exists as part of the Oregon State University Research Arm and is still, amazingly, free.

Octo Cam.

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