11 July, 2013

July Threads

 Basil loves to be trimmed. Unless you want flowers and 'bitter' basil.
I dry the leaves between two dishtowels out on my patio.
I weight the top towel down at the corners to keep the wind out.
I cover with the second towel to keep weird things out of my basil.
In a day or so of hot, sunny, summery weather, the leaves are dry enough to crumble into glass jars or ziploc snack bags.
When to switch threads? Or not?

I needed two hotpads to finish out a bridal shower gift (for an OSU alum) which did not coordinate with what I was sewing on the machine and on the serger.
After spending some time contemplating* whether I could get away with leaving the bobbin in white and just changing the turquoise out for black, I stepped up to the plate and changed both bobbin and thread to black.
No serging as I am using a woolly nylon thread in my upper looper and I got the tension on the rolled hem right on the first try on the floaty turquoise fabric. Not changing those threads - I may be this side of lazy but I am not stupid.

This is also when I realized a real need for the 2nd machine to get placed in the sewing room. I wouldn't have had to switch thread at all then.

*Contemplating Time is greater than Actual Sewing Time.

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