01 July, 2013

Precision Sewing

Getting back into sewing, I'm trying to push my comfort zone.
I saw this herringbone tutorial and was struck by the scrap combination separated by 1/4" white strips.

My new machine is up for the accuracy challenge.
The question is, Am I?

This could be called a mug rug or something - it's 11 1/2" square.
And dang it, it turned out square!

I thought to try out free motion quilting, but the design said no.
Instead, I used some thicker aurifil thread to stitch straight lines.
I didn't adjust the top tension (less) so I ended up with some tiny thread 'snafu's' on the back side but not enough to rip out.

All in all, a fun project.

Definitely, my colors of blues and greens.


  1. It looks sooo lovely! I have some of that fabric on the back :)

  2. This is so pleasant to look at. You did a super job on it!

  3. Great mug rug! Love the colors and patterns.


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