24 July, 2013

Mercer Lake And Bob's Creek

We rented a boat and fished all day in brilliant sunshine.
Catch & release plan as we are staying one more night.

I want a fuscia 'tree'.
I think I need a place at the beach where fuscia's & geranium's thrive.

Mercer Lake Resort

Bob's Creek - just south of Strawberry Mtn.

One of the few places with sunshine. To get to some of the tide pools, you need to cross the creek. Happily, a 'bridge' was available and we carefully balanced our way to the other side.
A powerful wind blows down the mountain ravine dueling with the Pacific winds creating a swirling effect above us. I only lost my hat once.
The tide was coming in so we could not explore very much. Lots of giant 10" sea anemones--further out.
Photo below has some half dollar sized anemones.
Sea anemones are always fun to poke in the center and watch all the waving arms close up.

Bob's Creek Wayside
South of Yachats
More Photos

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