23 August, 2016

Dyed Rope Bowls

 Pencil Girl dyed me some clothesline.
And she did it in a vase!

 She has dyeing supplies from her 4-H'ers, so she was all set to get this ombre effect.

She took some cotton clothesline from Ace Hardware. A dye packet, some salt, and some hot water from the tea kettle.
She left the clothesline roll intact and dipped it into the vase for 20-30 minutes and then turned it upside down and let it sit for another 20-30 minutes.

How cool is this?

 And then let it dry.
On this handy cardboard frame.

I was having trouble with my coverstitch machine - as in, I rarely use it, and it was a mess.
In fact, I had to call an emergency Pencil Girl meeting and she obliged and sorted me out. 

We fixed the needle issue, got the tension sorted and I will be using it on my work shorts hem as soon as I make another pair.

She also let me play with her newest machine addition - a Consew Industrial. Serious speed demon sewing.
I can always find room for another machine. Her husband jokes that every room in their house needs a sewing machine adornment. This machine would fit into my dining room  perfectly. Already have a place.

 Then she fed me lunch of baked chicken breasts and fresh veggie salad.
She knows I need to eat plain. It's so nice not to worry about making bad food choices when visiting.

Now, I need to sew a bowl out of this awesome ombre clothesline. Small? Big? Handles? Fiddly bits?   Do I need to match the thread?

These are my favorite colors.

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  1. Hey! Fun post to read. We should do that again sometime! I think you should use a light medium blue thread and make a bowl with handles. But, you're the fiber artist, so I am sure it will turn out well any way you choose!

  2. Oh wow, that is a neat and controlled way of dyeing! The dyeing process seems really messy to me but that seems manageable.

    I went over and liked a lot of stuff on your friend's page! She has a lot of cute stuff.

  3. Be still my beating heart! That washing line looks amazing - whatever you make will be fab!!!

  4. I love variegated threads and this clothesline is sure to result in a fun finish. Can't wait to see how it sews up!

  5. Gorgeous dyed rope.. can't wait to see it done up in a bowl. You'll have to submit one to the fair next year! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I've made a lot of these coiled rope bowls but always wrapped with fabric. I'm going to try this idea of dyeing rope in a tall vase. How clever. The only thing I preplan when making bowls is color. They design themselves and I'm always delighted with the outcome.


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