06 August, 2016

Fair Entries - Textile Division

  I had great intentions of taking photos of the entry process but got caught up in the chaos of trying to maximize my entries.

You can only enter one item per lot/class.
Which adds to the guesswork. Will this bag do better in another lot/class?

So few people take the time to enter their items in  the fair anymore which means there aren't as many entries to be judged. I usually win a few Blue Ribbons.

 The ladies in front of me are busy conferring about my entries. There have been years when I have just dumped my items on the table and put myself at their wondrous mercy in figuring out where to put each item.

So this is our Hobby Hall at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. All of the tables and all of the wooden glassed displays will be full. Part of the fun of going to  the fair is finding all of your entries as they are spread far and wide throughout this giant room. The other part is trying to figure out why the judges picked this item over another. (Who knows?)

On the upper soffit walls will be hung all the quilts. I have to take my glasses in order to see  who made the quilt. The tags are tiny and the quilts are huge and above my head. I like to see if I recognize who made it. Clackamas County is quite a big county - maybe as big as England (lol).

The fair isn't for another whole week. Then I have to wait until the fair ends a week later to retrieve my entries. All of my entries this year are items I made for sale in my etsy shop. The fair ribbon will accompany the item to its new home once it sells.

We have had just the most awesome summer ever. The temps for the most part have barely cleared 80'. I have biked to work most of the summer hitting five days last week.
I have been a good girl. That's 7  miles round trip each time.

Friday night, I swung by the park to see what First Friday was up to. Lots of music, food, and vendors. It didn't take me long to find the airplane (s).

After I figured out my entries, I came home to sew another pair of work shorts. I entered the first pair I just made - there was a class/lot for shorts!

I really need three new pairs so with the first ones at the fair for a two week vacation, I was hoping this would give me the kick in the butt to start the second pair. I've blogged about these shorts before here, here & here.

They have a terrific amount of top-stitching and take a few hours to complete. I didn't make a second pair last year and my existing shorts are pretty sad and raggety.  I think this pair took 6 hours to sew, not including the cutting out time.

So for me and my teeny sewing time, this equated to three separate sewing sessions. Sewing two more pairs is kinda a big deal - timewise.

Anyhoo - I didn't sew.

Instead,  I sorted for three hours my collections of personal and online selling stuff that takes up space in boxes,  trying to organize it more efficiently and have the gumption to toss some of it and move on. I did consolidate a bit. 

Some of the items get placed willynilly into the storage boxes - I have no idea how this photo ended up in this particular box. I immediately took a photo of the photo and sent it to my son and daughter. Memories.
 It makes you want paper photos back so you can thumb through them.

Yes, my kids still get airplane items for birthdays....


  1. Good for you on all your biking and sewing and entering the fair! I hope you win all blue ribbons. Someday I want to do that with the Multnomah County Fair. I will be entering the DAR art and craft competition called American Heritage. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Multnomah Co. Fair is unfortunately a memory of what it used to be. It's held is May for one thing.

  2. Good luck at the fair - it looks great! I do like paper photos, and real books, and of course real post!!!

  3. I am so in awe and envious of your talent. Please let us know how you do in the fair! Reading this post reminded me of years and years ago when I was a young girl and our family would always go to the Wisconsin State Fair with my mother's old aunt and uncle. After we all got a famous Wisconsin State Fair cream-puff we'd meander over to the quilt exhibition area. Even as a young girl I always loved looking at all the beautiful handmade quilts....memories...


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