16 August, 2016


 Erin, from Dog Under My Desk, posted this on Instagram the other day. 

It stuck with me  and I had to make one myself. Out of scraps.
Yes, that is a navy blue zipper.
In all the zippers that I possess, do I have a short black one?

Erin has designed some really cool bags but took a hiatus learning how to be a mom. Of a baby.

Her sewing time just became interrupted.

I think she should write a tutorial for this little circular zippy pouch. It measures 4" in diameter. Get back in the swing of things as a pattern designer.

My funny back side - I need to flatten out the circles so they look more like a circle around that zipper.

Her original earbud pouch appeared here


  1. That is so cool! I might have to make one for my teenager!!

  2. I've made these, I have a hard time getting them to look like a circle. This one looks nice and round.


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