14 August, 2016

Route 66



 My host-sister, Maria,  is visiting the USA from Finland. She and her boyfriend are running motorcycles down Route 66 - from Chicago to LA.  She's been to the states before but never to Oregon.

She's coming in September and I am way past due on getting something out to her in time. One of these pouches is leaving Monday trying to get to her in time to use on her trip. On a good note, my last three international packages took only five days to Europe and Japan (faster than the normal 8 - 10 days).

I was an exchange student to Finland back in high school for an entire year.  When I visited Sweden and Finland a few years back, I stayed with both of my host-sisters.

 I sewed the turquoise atomic age bag first and then cranked out the two Route 66 pouches. I raided stash for everything except the Route 66 fabric. I bought this two months **cough** ago.

Unlike the turquoise Atomic Age bag, the Route 66 fabric is clearly not my normal colorway so I jazzed it up with pink candystripe lining and pin zippers.

One to mail and two for the etsy shop.

 Out in my garden this morning BEFORE it got hot, I weeded and watered and took these photos of one of my Swan Island Dahlias and my favorite rose; Just Joey. My great-aunt Ruby swore this was the best-smelling rose of all-time, so when I found one,  I jumped on it.

The Swan Island Dahlia Festival is cranking up for it's Labor Day festivities with Fun Runs and Photo competitions and etc. If you're nearby Canbyland, this is a wonderful, free event. You don't have to wait for the festival - the flowers are blooming their heads off already.

I tried to get Rusty to pose and he barked at me- telling me to stop pushing him around.

SALE continues in my friend's Etsy Shop;
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  1. Perfect fabric! Your friend will love the bag!

  2. Hi Kathy! I'm so happy for you to have your host-sister visiting you soon! That is a special occasion and made so perfect presents for her! x Teje

  3. Awesome pouches! Love the Route 66 one-perfect! I love all of them but that one is darling...well they all are..lol

  4. I love the Route 66 fabric - I had some but used mine. I told nephew and DD1's b/f about your plane in the back yard (they were drooling over the redbull planes) and they are very jealous!!!!

    1. They are welcome to come drool in person.


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