09 March, 2015

March Test Post with Blogaway App

Daffodils still blooming strong.

With Blogaway, I can write in sections , thus placing photos at head of sections.

I'm surprised the Blogger app has not been updated  --- Google owns it.
I last looked at it 3 years ago when I went to Sweden.

At the time, I  chose the Blog It app instead.  I tried downloading Blog It to my new phone but I could not upload photos at all Sunday morning.

I may have another go with it later as it at least allowed html formatting.

The joys of smarty pants phones while traveling....
I use the android system. It's my understanding that iPhone users have better apps for this blogging on the go stuff.

New fabric store in Wilsonville nearby. Wasn't open yet  - Sunday morning.

BLOGAWAY is better than Blogger app by far.
No html editing,  however, formatting stays true upon publishing.

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  1. I'm glad you're happy with your app so you can share photos of Japan while you're there. I'm excited for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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