18 March, 2015

Channel One

Channel One SUMO: https://youtu.be/b2hZkKdlwVY

 I thought this would embed a video but apparently not. You'll have to click link above to see channel one.

Airport toilet.
Will play flushing music.
Give you a bum rinse.

In Tanaka cemetery.
Apparently you not only burn incense to the gods on their behalf -- you might offer up an energy drink too.

In all the 7-11's /family marts, you can buy your lunch and also a new white shirt if you're a slob whilst eating.

Will try for photos of my fabric tomorrow. Lots of photos of Japan to try and stay on top of.

Off to tokyo station today - trying for Sensoji temple in the rain and then bulletin to kyoto this afternoon.


  1. ooo! kyoto!!! I visited 3 shrines and 2 temples in 1 day in Kyoto (or was it 2 shrines and 3 temples?) It was in July and 90F degrees.

  2. I love going to grocery stores in other countries, you always see such interesting things! In Mexico their notebook paper was pretty colors with borders. Had to get some. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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