21 March, 2015

Katsura Imperial Villa

I set myself a task of picking the best five photos out of forty and gave up at nine.

I would love to do a slide show as the landscape photos look great fading in and out to the photo. However, while I can see that on my phone (so smart), I don't know how to transfer it to the blog via this app. (Me - not so smart).

Admission free. You do have to make a reservation through the Imperial Household Agency in person. We did this Friday at the same time we applied to go on the Imperial Palace tour.

There is English audio available. Our tour was in japanese.

Here are nine or ten photos of Katsura Villa:

The blue heron was brought in as a tourist bonus.


  1. What gorgeous photos! You are lucky to be traveling there-I was in Tokyo years back and loved it.


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