12 March, 2015

Bright Sunshiny Day

Leopards Bane: keeps leopards out of yard.

I originally borrowed this from my m&d's.
I probably need to pot some up for their new much smaller yard - to keep them safe.

Star Magnolia. Stunning small tree.

Red bud that threw itself into my cart.
It is amazingly full - it's just budding out.

My back walkway and my winter Heather (erica).

Rusty to give you an idea of my jade plant.
My husband had this sorry excuse for a houseplant  -- oh - 28 years ago.
I threw it out on our back porch. Our new puppy's golden retriever tail would 'prune' it each time she was let out.

It thrived on the abuse: lesson one.
It will bloom if it is rootbound (!) with lots of indirect light and spends the summer outside. Don't bring it in until the first frost.

I almost lost it one year by misjudging that frost. Half of it 'melted'.
Little white flowers with hint of pink will pop out in November and stay on through February.

Please forget to water it and it will thank you.

The real reason for the photos.
Sending dear son proof of his grapes  budding out.


  1. So glad I don't need to worry about you bring attacked by leopards!!! Love the horticulture lesson - that sounds like my ideal plant!!!


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