21 March, 2015

Laundry In Japan

Do I buy two or do I buy three of these at the Daiso store?

Will they fit in my checked bag is my second question.

Everyone has these drying rack thingies here in Japan.

They hook onto the metal poles everyone has just outside. They will also hook onto a door frame, anywhere really.

I have always wanted to dry my laundry outside but the other person in my house has always vetoed the various laundry trees available in the usa.

Reasons such as where to put it so it's not in the way of the plane, so we don't walk into the lines sagging down. What to do in winter....

These are perfect. Hang inside to dry in the winter and/or rainy days. They fold up for storage and they hold an amazing amount of clothes. Each one will hold almost a full load of clothes. Mine hanging on here was a small load of tshirts, socks, underwear.

Forgot to add in washers:
very expensive in japan - a washer like we think of washing machines in the usa costs around $1600. They bought theirs on sale for around $1200.
Before that, she used a contraption that involved a wringer.
My host mom in Finland 30 years ago used such a machine.

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  1. What a great drying line! We have a covered patio, and I have what we call a Victorian airer suspended from the patio roof, so I can dry outside even in the rain!


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