28 March, 2015

Keinomatsubaraso Hotel On Awaji Island

My friend used to live on Awaji Island before she moved to Kyoto.

She proposed we drive there and stay overnight.
Her daughter met up with a friend at the Aeon Mall and we went on the Naruto Whirlpool cruise and then drove to our hotel.
Keinomatsubaraso Hotel.

Don't forget to switch to your toilet slippers.
This hotel is a traditional, older, japanese hotel.
On the beach with spectacular sunsets.

You take your shoes off immediately upon entering your room and switch to slippers.

One big room with  tatami mats. Low table in center with lots of hidden alcoves and closets.

A thermos of hot water was waiting on that table as well as a tea set for four.

In this closet, pajama robe and a warm robe. Plus a bag with a toothbrush, towel, and the all-important 'bath' towel.

Underneath - more chair cushions.

This closet held five futons plus covers and interesting  japanese - style  pillows.

Each room can hold five people.
We could have shared a room, but the price was the same -whether we shared or had separate rooms.

Pillows feel like corn husks inside.
Harder, but they cradle the head better?

The alcove next to the window held a table and two chairs.
Over in the left corner was the fridge and some massage tools.

You can imagine me flinging open closets and exclaiming.
Unknowingly, my friend gave me my favorite Japanese experience.

Because it got even better.

The baths.

no pictures - sorry.

We undressed and put on our robes, grabbed our big towel and our bathing towel and padded downstairs in our slippers to the baths.

We enter the women's baths which switch the next day to the men's.
Disrobe and go to the shower stations.
With your little towel.

You can use your towel to scrub with or if you don't like to flaunt it as a tiny frontal cover-up.
While in the bath,  the towel is folded and placed atop your head.

Nice body soaps, scrubbers, shampoos and conditioners are at your disposal.

When you feel sufficiently clean, you step into the steamy hot wooden bath and start your relaxation journey.

Each bath here could comfortably hold four or five people - like a large hot tub.

Too hot, get back out, shower down with some cool water.

Feeling like going to the enclosed outside pool? Step out through the sliding doors into another wooden pool. Sit on the shelf, or lay back and float.
Watch the moon as it moves across the sky.

Hot again?
There's shower stations out here too.

When you feel like you've had enough water therapy,  get out and go to the changing room and dry off. There are sinks and more lotions.

For your feet (horny calluses anyone?), for your face. Hair creams & oils.
Collagen to pat lightly into your skin.
Even hair dryers to return your hairstyle.

Robe on, slippers on, return to your room so you can collapse into a good night's sleep (once you figure out how many futons to sleep on and the odd pillows.)


  1. I love these posts! Keep 'em coming! I stayed in a hotel in Osaka and I remember the "hard" pillows. The room was very efficiently set up. I also recall there were heated toilet seats!

  2. Well, that was some bath there! Thanks for telling me about it as I doubt I'll ever get there to try it out in person. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I plan on doing a post on those heated toilet seats.


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