19 March, 2015

The Fabric So Far

You have to buy a minimum one meter cut.
After that in 10 cm 'separations'.

Not exactly a hardship at 480/580 per meter. ($4.80/ 5.80/meter).

Seven Berry red dots over blue 'sashiko/Yoko Saito fabric
"Nice sky" airplane fabric.
Gorgeous soft teal blue with rabbits.

Except I have to pack it around.

One of the lovely things at the airport is the baggage delivery service. For around  $18, I sent the giant bag ahead to kyoto.
There the next morning.

Today, I plan to run around tokyo a bit before bulleting to kyoto - in the rain - and I'm gonna send my other bag plus this fabric too.

The Rick rack was only 100 yen.
A dollar.

It's a wonder I didn't buy it all - choice of white and orange.

Kokka airplane travel.
Another sashiko blue 'on sale' @ 400 yen for the meter.

Double gauze knit in soft turquoise blue?
Stripe on one side bonded to dots on the other side.
Tshirt or pajama pants
1.5 meters.

There were a bunch of printed linings on floor ? at Tomato. I think this would be great for purse linings.

Too many choices. Found these thin/ripstop sturdy linings just about when my energy collapsed. I did choose one but this fabric is what I was thinking about last night and I plan on somehow getting more.
So not available in Oregon.


  1. I'm going backwards through your holiday - gosh what fab fabrics!!!!

  2. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures!!!


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