10 March, 2015

February Mail Chicken Giveaway

The Winner of my chicken hot pad is Teresa  who won by saying she really hoped the chicken would come to her house to play.

I received over 2 inches of mail. From Australia, Sweden, Japan, and quite a few states. I even discovered a fellow Postcrossing Queen just 20 minutes north of me who has sent and received over 4000 postcards.

One of my friends replied in kind with an offer of tea.

I have not discovered a way to rotate photos with this blog app. Maybe some young thing will know how.

Was my rural mail carrier count a success?
She was working on average 10- 11 hr days. In spite of all of mgmt's counting tricks, Mgmt will need to shave off two hours from her route similar to the other routes that were also counted. She will go back to working the 9 hrs she gets  paid for as soon as route adjustments can be figured out.

We are seriously overworked at the post office. Training new people is an exercise in one day futility and new people are too overwhelmed at everything there is to accomplish in a day -so they quit almost before they start.

I think I received over 40 cards and postcards in February plus several packages.

Thank you all for playing my game.
It was much appreciated.

I sent out over fifty cards myself.

I loved getting the mail because everyday there was something special inside the box.
Muchos Gracias!

Notes on the this Blogaway  app: inability to rotate photos. No hyperlink capability. Didn't want to publish heavy photo post - saved to draft eventually.


  1. Good job on the postal project! Thanks for your card and tea bag. And WOOOOHOOOOO.. I'm so happy I won your giveaway! Your chicken will fit in here at the farmhouse perfectly!

    *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I said it would be a random giveaway! I think it would fit into your kitchen very nicely.

  3. I didn't know you work for the post office too! Happy to hear it all went well.

  4. Wow, 40 personal mails in a month must be some kind of record. I bet if you counted in junk mail and bills you would have had a 4 inch pile or higher! I'm glad your delivery gal will get paid accordingly from now on.

  5. Lots of normal stuff too. I actually like my junk mail catalogs. I can't read them on my laptop and prefer flipping pages to see what's out there so when I do venture out shopping, I have a clue of what I'm looking for.

  6. Congratulations to Theresa! I use blogsy, think I paid a dollar or so but I like it and when I had a problem I emailed them and a person replied - promptly!!!!


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