28 March, 2015

Awaji Bridge and Gotochi

The Awaji Island bridge was built only ten years ago. It's the largest suspension bridge in the world.

Huge ocean-going shipping channel

The palm trees lining the road lend this island a resort feel.
The humongous crumbling buddha.

This is how they deliver mail here in Japan. Motorbike in red.

Manhole cover commemorating the bridge.

Found this nifty gotochi of the Awaji Bridge at one post office and the gal gave us a mini-gotochi as a bonus.

We stopped at another post office and they had an array of gotochi. I wasn't tempted- I have enough to make a small collection.

While Janine was deciding, I wandered down the counter. 

Each station has different msde for sale. From Hello Kitty to Snoopy to pretty stationary.

And then I spotted something....

I walked back to my friend to show her my treasure and the gal behind the counter saw it and she whipped out the flat version of the jetliner.

For me, for free.
Everyone was tickled with my reaction.

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