25 March, 2015

Steak Gusto

I took the girls to dinner tonight at Steak Gusto, a 10 minute walk from their house.

After biking today, a meal out was just what the doctor ordered.

Dixieland jazz, unlimited salad bar and western - style  meals.

My food allergies/sensitivities are so severe with soy, wheat & dairy big no-no's.

Half of my checked bag contained emergency foods.
Soy is in nearly everything here, even on the seaweed.

I've managed quite well with no bad days so far. I could not travel if it were not for the hospitality of my girlfriend who writes the CraftyTokyoMama blog.

A key for me is staying in someone's home.  Being disciplined about eating correctly. Being able to find food in her fridge.

Traveling is hard work and this home - stay makes it possible.

There are not enough words to thank her for the opportunity to experience Japan.

Notice those coca-cola glasses?

My salad. You can order just the salad bar.
Mostly the same greens.
Dessert bar is included too.

I ordered a plain steak (no sauce). (Forgot photo).
It was served very hot like in the usa.

Also on the already hot plate is a tiny 'brazier' so you can sizzle your food further.
Crazy? Afterwards, I was thinking of all those restaurant visits where the food isn't done as you ordered - you can cook it longer if you need to - right there on your plate.

Clear jello cubes and pudding.

Thank you Janine and family.

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