22 March, 2015

18,000 Steps And Fabric Scraps

We walked around Kyoto yesterday.
I admit to getting a tad 'you've seen one shrine, you've seen them all.'

Along the way we strolled in fabulous gardens.
People watched.

Took selfies without a selfie stick.

Found some scraps of fabric.
Part of our route is very touristy.

If one ducks into doorway shops, one can find Hello Kitty, an Obi maker, and kimono scraps.
I suspect most tourists don't venture too far from the throngs.

First scrap is a wrapping cloth. I love the frog and the bunny. This cloth is about 20" square divided into 6 sections, with no repeat.
A story panel. 680 yen

2nd photo is some brocade scraps; 3 colorways of dragonflies, a blue bunny and red sheep . 300 yen.

4 & 5th photos are kimono scraps. About 4" x 9". Some still have the threads from where they were unpicked from the old kimono.  When washing, the entire kimono is unpicked, cleaned, re-stitched.
550 yen for about 16 scraps.
Some old and vintage.


  1. I felt like that in Rome - ruins can get boring!!! I didn't realise kimonos had to be taken apart to be washed - thank goodness we don't have to do that!

  2. Now that is a lot of steps!!!


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