28 March, 2015

Husband and Wife Waterfall, Fudo Waterfall, Mayoto Waterfall

In a very, out of the way, skinny back road, was a beautiful setting for a temple.

You look left to see a delightful bridge to cross the stream.
Look right as the stream falls through massive rocks.

This shrine was uniquely situated in a cave amongst the rocks.

Four leaf lucky clovers grow here
One last thing. See the last 2 photos? That's the road in.   Looks like a trail?
Erosion from raging waters has undercut that skinny road too. 
These narrow roads are all over Japan.

We parked back on the main skinny road in a rare pull-out. And walked in. Not far - less than 1/4 mile.

Almost forgot to show you the Husband & Wife waterfalls.
I couldn't insert it earlier in the post with this app.
This little gorge minus a bright orange temple is so similar to Oregon.

And I  hit that big gong -- twice.
Sweet booming sound.

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