31 March, 2015

Flowering Cherry Trees - At Home

Kwanzan flowering cherry

Favorite dwarf iris
I took the dog out for his morning walk and snapped a few photos around my yard.

I somehow had pretty amazing dry weather while in japan. Even when the day was chilly, I mostly had sunshine for my travels.

At home, it mostly rained, making our (ahead of schedule) spring go crazy.

Rhody, azalea, red tulip
I try to glory in the blooms.
That sneaky artillery weed is about to fire off it's seeds.

Patio bed with 24yr old red emperor tulips

My back walkway from house to hangar culminating in star magnolia.

Good to be back.


  1. I bet it was weird to come home to all the Spring glory! Welcome back. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Welcome home!! I enjoyed reading your Japan adventures. Wow you have so much spring color! Just snowdrops here right now. Snow is all gone thankfully!


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