08 March, 2015

March Test Post

New phone,  postal drama when I return, flowers blooming, weird oregon spring, allergies, need to pack, survive another week of 12-hr split shifts, east coast unfrozen = horribly busy work day tomorrow, lists for Japan trip, need to review j. info., last episode of downtown abbey tonight, old blog it app won't upload photos to blog, trying blogger sucky app. Can't insert photos where I want to.
Star magnolia

Sucky indoor camera at night. That counter is green .

I started the draft 10 hours ago so it shows up in people's readers as to when I started the post.
I'm going to see if Blog It (app) works one more time. Stinkin' new phone.


  1. When I get photos to upload via blogger app -- they are crazy big/huge/gigantic!
    Serious lack of formatting for a google product and no upgrades that I can tell from when I first looked at this app almost three years ago.

  2. Groan! I use blogsy, I think it was a dollar or so, but it works well - and when I emailed with a problem I got a prompt and helpful reply from a real person!!!!


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